Saitaro Daikon Radish


Saitaro Daikon Radish

Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus
(69 days) F-1 hybrid. Like a stark late January moon crossed by clouds, Winter Light daikon glimmered but faded, yanked by the supplier. Luckily our 2015 daikon trial revealed another top finisher. Similar to Winter Light in size, Saitaro’s thick uniform 9–12"-long root tapers to a blunt point. Its growth will be steady and slow bolting, vigorous tops shading the nice-looking white roots with light green tinted shoulders. With very smooth silky texture cooked and a nicely spiced crunch when raw, this one is sure to have you saying oishiidesune (“ohee-SHE-des-nay”). Resists yellow wilt.

2285 Saitaro
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Additional Information

Daikon Radishes

About 2,900-3,000 seeds/oz.

Daikon means ‘big root’ in Japanese. Can be stored in the root cellar like carrots and beets in slightly moistened sand or layered into damp raked leaves.


Days to maturity are from date of seeding

Disease: FY: Fusarium Yellows

Note: We cannot ship packets greater than ½ oz. (14 grams) of radishes into the Willamette Valley. The State of Oregon prohibits shipping any commercial quantity of untreated Brassica, Raphanus or Sinapis due to quarantine

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