Love-Lies-Bleeding Amaranth


Love-Lies-Bleeding Amaranth

Amaranthus caudatus
(90 days) Also known as Tassel Flower. Well-loved by cottage gardeners for more than 300 years. This vigorous 2–4' branching annual sports long drooping red tassels that hold until frost. Makes a good border; stake and tie for neater appearance. Goes well with bachelor’s buttons, nicotiana or sunflowers. Start indoors at 70–75°, grow on at 62–65°. Avoid heavy fertilization. Space at least 1' apart for strong stems. May be air-dried by hanging upside down; use heat for better color. Annual. ~1,500 seeds/g.

4831 Love-Lies-Bleeding
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Annual. A dual-purpose crop, both nutritious and decorative. From the Greek amarantos for ‘unfading.’ Used as an ornamental, especially in harvest arrangements. Amaranth was an extremely important food of the Aztecs. ~1,250 seeds/g.

Also see Opopeo for grain and callaloo for greens.


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