Caucasian Mountain Spinach Perennial Green - Sustainably Grown


Caucasian Mountain Spinach Perennial Green - Sustainably Grown

Hablitzia tamnoides
Open-pollinated perennial, Perennial to Zone 3. The surprise sensation of our 2015 catalog, Hablitzia’s success motivated us to ramp up our perennial vegetable selection. Too new to have an agreed-upon common name, this plant has everything else. Originating in the Caucasus Mountains, this very hardy perennial, grows 6–9' long in 2–3 months once it is established. In the very early spring when few other edible greens have surfaced. It offers tasty shoots and the subsequent leaves make a delicious tender spinach-like vegetable without any bitterness. Moreover, it’s beautiful, and was introduced into Sweden around 1870 as an attractive vine to screen houses with its heart-shaped leaves. And, finally, though it is best grown in sun to maximize its productivity, it will also do well in its native habitat, the understory of temperate forests. Best germinated with stratification, and slow-growing in the first year. ~1,360 seeds/g.
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2590 Caucasian Mountain Spinach - Sustainably Grown
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