The Homi Digger


The Homi Digger

For many years the EZ-Digger™ has been our best-selling garden tool, but we knew that Will at Homestead Iron could make an even better version. He’s even visited a factory in Korea where many thousands of hand plows are made!

With its nice sharp edge, this versatile tool cuts through soil and weeds with ease. Makes cultivating a joy—it’s no wonder the Homi design has been used for at least 1000 years in Korea. Designed for right-handers, but many lefties like it, too. Those who’ve experienced the EZ Digger will much appreciate that the handle on this version is guaranteed to stay attached for the life of the tool (which could outlive you)! Overall length 13". Actual weight ~11 ounces.

8910 The Homi Digger
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Homestead Iron

Founded by Will Dobkins, Homestead Iron (“Sharpest Tools in the Shed”) is a small company in Squires, MO, offering a line of high-quality garden tools, crafted with skill and care. Each blade is hand-forged with C1075 high-carbon steel, precision TIG welded to a hand-forged shank. The hickory handles are sourced from a local manufacturer and finished with beeswax and linseed oil. These tools are study and long-lasting, designed to work well and to enhance the gardening experience. Note: these tools are carefully ground by hand to ensure a very sharp cutting edge; please keep away from children (except your grandchildren when they’re old enough to inherit them).

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