The Elderberry Book: Forage, Cultivate, Prepare, Preserve


The Elderberry Book: Forage, Cultivate, Prepare, Preserve

by John Moody, 114 pages, 7½x9, softcover. The elderberry and humans have been together for a long time. This shrub shows up in ancient texts and in fossils from our tribals sites. Moody writes, “If the dog is humanity’s best friend, then the elderberry may be its best plant friend.” For generations, elder was the go-to household treatment for just about everything: dropsy, toothaches, or to remedy the effects of strangulation (apparently). For survival, people had to know their plants, and the elder was key. Everyone should have a few in their landscape, and we’re lucky to enjoy them in a more relaxed setting that doesn’t involve the plague. Appreciation for elderberry is making a comeback, and we’re all for it. They offer beauty, forage and sanctuary. Moody’s book works because it’s simple and highlights reasons to plant an elderberry bush and how to do it. He walks us through a history of the plant, its cultivation and propagation, and its many uses in food, tools and toys. I put this book on my kitchen shelf so all my favorite elder recipes are in one place -Jen Ries

9549 The Elderberry Book: Forage, Cultivate, Prepare, Preserve
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