Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw


Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw

This compact saw with a 5" blade is nicknamed “Little Giant” due to its colossal cutting capacity. Delivers incredibly smooth clean cutting with remarkable speed, making this the go-to saw for pruning and topworking limbs 4" diameter or less. The clean cuts allow the tree to heal well. This little fella has found its following among not only orchardists and landscapers, but also woodworkers, arborists, campers, hunters and survivalists. Given its handy size, why would you go anywhere without it? Blade, with 8.5 non-set teeth per inch, folds into a black nonslip rubberized handle. Comes with a neat plastic carrying case that you can attach to your belt.

9040 Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw
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Silky Saws

Our line of Silky saws comes recommended by Daniel MacPhee of Blackbird Rise Farm in Palermo, ME. According to Daniel, the Japanese Silky saws cut “a million times better” than Felco saws. The blades have more teeth per inch and are thinner and more flexible. The latter attribute improves performance but does make the blade more susceptible to bending, so be gentle with it. Silky saws cut on the pull stroke. Manufactured in Japan.