Silicone Six-Pack Trays


Silicone Six-Pack Trays

Tired of cheap plastic six-packs that fade and crack? Concerned about harmful chemicals leaching from poly containers into the root zone of your food crops? Don’t want to fix these problems by spending money on biodegradable pots every single year? Then invest in these crush-proof break-proof melt-proof freeze-proof seedling containers made of rugged BPA-free FDA-approved silicone.

It’s easy to keep track of what you’re growing: write on the sides with a permanent marker, and remove with rubbing alcohol at the end of the season. Sterilize with steam or hot water for endless reuse. Each cell has a drainage slit on the bottom. Soil releases easily from the sides at planting time.

Approx. 4"x6¼"x2¾", plus a ⅛" tab on either end for easy handling. Our heavy duty tray will fit one of our sets of eight six-packs. Only seven six-packs will fit into a standard 1020 tray. We buy these from a small family business in Florida.

Please note that we stock colors other than the Adobe Red trays shown: you may receive Sapphire Blue, or Emerald Green.

8810 Silicone Six-Pack Trays
Item Discounted
A: 1 tray $7.50 Free Shipping
B: 8 trays $54.00