20 Mule Team Borax Solubor® DF
8219 (Sodium Tetraborate, 20.5% B) Soluble borate for fluid fertilizers and nutrient sprays. Boron is essential for all stages of tree growth and fruit... read more
Allganic™ Potassium Sulfate of Potash Water Soluble 0-0-52
8246 (0-0-52) The most economical source of available potassium. Apply at 200–500#/acre or 1#/100 sq ft. read more
8195 (33% CaCO3) When the price of aragonite spiked a few years ago, we tried to steer growers toward the chemically identical Calcitic Limestone, but... read more
Azomite®, Granulated Natural Trace Minerals
8213 (0-0-0.2, 5% Ca) Named for its A-to-Z of Minerals including Trace Elements; contains over 67 minerals beneficial to plants and animals.

A mix of

... read more
Azomite®, Micronized Natural Trace Minerals For Soil
8216 (0-0-0.2, 5% Ca) Named for its A-to-Z of Minerals including Trace Elements; contains over 67 minerals beneficial to plants and animals, including... read more
BrixBlend Basaltcurrently on backorder, mid-end of April
8222 (49.3% SiO2, 13.3% Al2O3, 9.2% CaO, 5.7% MgO, plus trace minerals) A paramagnetic stone powder from the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts for... read more
Fertoz Organic Granulated Rock Phosphate Fertilizer
8250 (0-6-0, up to 25% total P, plus at least 30% Ca and 10% SiO2. Natural phosphorus source from mines in British Columbia, Montana, and Mexico. Apply... read more
Granite Mealcurrently on backorder, mid-end of April
8231 Contains about 5% potassium in very slow-release form. Plants need potassium for sugar and starch production. Granite meal can be added to the... read more
Gypsum, pelletized
8204 (Calcium Sulfate CaSO4•2H2O, 21% Ca, 16% S) Gypsum is a good source of calcium when the pH is already at a desired level. The sulfur in gypsum... read more
Hum-Amend Max
8240 Max out your soil health! This is a powerful soil restoration amendment designed to raise your soil’s cation exchange capacity while adding high... read more
K-Mag Granular Trio 0-0-22
8237 (10.8% Mg, 22% S) Langbeinite is a marine deposit of potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate in soluble form. A good source of immediate potassium... read more
Micronutrients Liquid Mineralout-of-stock
8244 While trace mineral products like Azomite® can be helpful for maintaining background levels of a wide variety of elements, they don’t have the... read more
Monterey Epsom Salts
8228 (9.8% water-soluble Mg, 12.9% S) Magnesium is a building block of chlorophyll and therefore essential to efficient photosynthesis. In... read more
Phosphate, Tennessee Brown Rock
8252 (0-6-0, 22% total P2O5) The consistency of rich soil. Comes from the washing piles left behind when high-grade ore was extracted to produce... read more
Pro Pelleted Calcitic Limestone
8198 Pro-Select Prill (87% CaCO3, 7% MgCO3). Cal Carb Equivalent 95.8%. The most common and most frequently used soil conditioner. Calcitic is the... read more
Pro Pelleted Limestone, Dolomitic Limestone Pro-Select Prill
8201 Pelleted Dolomitic Limestone (57.7% CaCO3, 33% MgCO3). Cal Carb Equivalent 96.9%. The least expensive liming agent. Use to sweeten soil (raise pH)... read more
Tiger Organic 90CR Sulfur
8249 Agricultural Sulfur. 90% elemental sulfur, 10% bentonite clay. Use to lower soil pH (make it more acidic). Often helpful for both lowbush and... read more
8207 (48% CaO and 52% SiO2). Cal Carb Equivalent 76.0%. Soluble-grade and at least 95% pure (may contain trace amounts of iron, manganese and... read more
ZeoMax Garden Aid
8255 Zeolites are aluminosilicate lattices, derived from volcanic ash, that hold up to 55% of their weight in water in the small cavities of their... read more