Hemp Tree Squares


Hemp Tree Squares

The magical medicine plant strikes again! These hemp-fiber squares block weeds and preserve moisture around the base of your young trees (they hold 5 times their weight in water), giving you more time to sit on the porch adjusting your attitude with other cannabis products if you’d like. Would also work well for other large plants, like tomatoes—or cannabis, for that matter.

Simply slip the square around the base of your plant and secure two diagonally opposite corners with Earth Staples. Easier and tidier to use than loose mulches; safe for humans, animals and the environment. Fully biodegradable, but quite rugged: expect them to last one or two seasons depending on soil and weather conditions. Will fully break down after three or four years. 18"x18"x½". AYC

8405 Hemp Tree Squares
Item Discounted
A: 5 18" squares $17.00
B: case of 50 squares $158.00 ($150.10)

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