Emitter Tubing 36" spacing


Emitter Tubing 36" spacing

Like a hybrid between mainline tubing and drip tape: ½" hose with pre-installed 1 gph emitters every 36". May be used alone on crops like squash, tomatoes or highbush blueberries. For orchard irrigation, run circles or semicircles of emitter tubing around each tree and connect them with mainline tubing from your water source.

No external parts to snap off or leak, provides consistent water flow regardless of slope or hose length, and does not clog as easily as soaker hose. Much more durable than drip tape: with proper care, tubing will last 10 years or more.

Requires water pressure of 10–50 psi. We recommend a 40 psi pressure regulator. 36" emitter tubing has a flow rate of 34 gph per 100' and a maximum single row length of 550'.

Also available with 18" spacing.

9122 Emitter Tubing 36" spacing
Item Discounted
A: 100' with 36" spacing $90.00
B: 500' with 36" spacing $300.00

Additional Information

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation applies moisture where it is needed, at the plants’ roots, so it conserves water and does not cause mold problems. The drip method helps crops get over transplant shock and get established, and ensures adequate water supply until the rain comes. Also useful in greenhouses.

We recommend sketching your garden and proposed irrigation system before you order to ensure that you get all the pieces you need.

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