Controller Thermostat for Agritape Heat Mat


Controller Thermostat for Agritape Heat Mat

This precise controller thermostat (Heat mat sold separately) is to be used with our Agritape heat mats. Each controller has one flexible 3' tube with a temperature-sensor bulb to insert into the potting soil; set the dial to desired soil temperature.

We used to sell mats that had built-in controllers, but this update with separate mat and controller offers more flexibility and longevity. Being separate items, the controller can be expanded to run multiple mats (up to 90 sq ft of mat area) by plugging a common power strip into the controller, and mats can be replaced when needed. Agritape provides an extremely uniform precise temperature over its entire surface and uses 20 watts of electricity per linear foot.

Heat mats (sold separately) are available in 4' long or 10' long.

8840 Controller Thermostat for Agritape Heat Mat
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A: controller thermostat *only* (2 lb) $121.00 ($114.95)
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