Children’s Grow Kit


Children’s Grow Kit

An approachable starter kit for young or novice growers. Includes a packet of seed for each of a dozen crops (beans, carrots, popcorn, cucumbers, sunflowers, lettuce, muskmelons, snap peas, sweet peppers, pumpkins, radishes and cherry tomatoes); ⅓ cu ft of potting soil and seedling containers for the varieties that should be started indoors; a bundle of plant labels; a 5-lb bag of our Vegemighty mix; an EZ-Digger for transplanting, row marking, and weeding; and a chronological set of growing instructions.

All the selected varieties are relatively easy to grow and to save seed from, and widely appealing to picky eaters. We may make substitutions based on availability, but we will make every effort to send varieties that are certified organic and open-pollinated out of respect for our shared future. An excellent basis for a homeschool garden course. For more garden education ideas, read The School Garden Curriculum.

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