Dan K., a faithful OGS customer with a flair for experimentation, developed this mix and was kind enough to share his formula with us. He says, “I’ve been working on maximizing inputs to the point of performance versus death on these plants for about ten years, and have developed a feeling for how much they can take… This mix showed no signs of N or P overdose on foliage for the 2017 season.”

Use this complete soil mix in Fabric Pots to take your cannabis plants from 12" to harvest. To maximize quality and yield, Dan recommends fertigating (see fertigation chart) with Monster Plant Mojo, EM-1 and Fish Hydrolysate. Contains a wide variety of mineral-, plant- and animal-based organic fertilizers (including biochar to support microbial activity, crustacean meal to deter fungus gnats and stimulate production of terpenes and cannabinoids, and wollastonite for strong plant structure) in a base of compost, worm castings, coir and a little peat.

This specialty soil is not intended for seedling production and may not perform well for that purpose. As King Arthur would sing, “Don’t let it be forgot/ That once there was some pot/ For this brief shining season that was grown/ In CannaLot.” Sold by weight, approx. 45 qt or 1.5 cu ft per bag. MOFGA

8367 CannaLot
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A: 45.0 lb $100.00
   MOFGA Approved

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