Bird-Scaring Balloon


Bird-Scaring Balloon

Successfully tested against some of Maine’s toughest crows! Multi-colored strips around a menacing metallic eye.

According to Cherokee artist Kade Twist, “The iconography on the balloon is indigenous iconography…. It’s called an ‘open eye’ and it’s a pattern used from South America to Canada…Another thing is the colors. It just so happens that the balloons use Indian medicine colors.” Kade and two other artists created an installation piece called “Repellent Fence” consisting of 26 inflatable bird-scaring balloons 10' in diameter floating 75' above the ground in a 2-mile line bisecting the U.S.-Mexican border. People on both sides of the border helped with the installation to create a “metaphorical suture stitching together cultures that have inhabited these lands long before borders were drawn.”

The “open eye” motif was reinvented in Japan as a bird-scaring device and is widely used there for that purpose. Our balloons are only 14" in diameter but may deter birds from migrating toward your sweet corn or blueberries. Most effective if moved around the garden from time to time. Protects a 15–20' radius. Indigenous Royalties.

8615 Bird-Scaring Balloon
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