Agritape Heat Mat 4ft


Agritape Heat Mat 4ft

A good heat mat makes the difference between success and complete failure when starting crops of tropical ancestry, including most Solanums (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, husk cherries) and Cucurbits (squash, melons, cucumbers).

The Agritape heating element is controlled by a precise controller thermostat (controller sold separately). We used to sell mats that had built-in controllers, but this update with separate mat and controller offers more flexibility and longevity. Being separate items, the controller can be expanded to run multiple mats (up to 90 sq ft of mat area) by plugging a common power strip into the controller, and mats can be replaced when needed.

Agritape provides an extremely uniform precise temperature over its entire surface and uses 20 watts of electricity per linear foot. Alice finally shelled out for one last season and was very impressed at the improved results compared to the cheap one-tray homeowner versions.

Each heat mat comes with an aluminum grounding screen that lays down over the Agritape. Foam insulation board may be installed under the Agritape to improve thermal efficiency, but this is not a must. Mats roll up easily for storage. This mat is 4' long and 11" wide. 10' long mats are also available. Must be used with separate controller thermostat.

We are discontinuing the Agritape line, but if you already have a controller thermostat, you can buy these mats, while supplies last, to expand your capacity.

8838 Agritape Heat Mat 4ft
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A: 4 ft mat *only* w/screen $65.00