Narcissus at a Glance

* Variety best suited to Zones 5-6 and beyond. May be a good choice for forcing.

Class Variety Petal Color Cup Color Bloom Time Naturalizing Fragrant Indoor Forcing
Trumpet British Gamble White Peach Mid -1 -2
Trumpet Dutch Master Yellow Yellow Early-Mid -1 -1
Trumpet Mount Hood White White Mid -1 -1
Large Cup Accent White Coral Mid -1 -1
Large Cup Carlton Yellow Yellow Early-Mid -1 -1
Large Cup Flower Record White Yellow to Red-Orange Early -1 -1 -1
Large Cup Salome White Peach Early -1 -1
Small Cup Altruist Gold Red-Orange Late -1 -1
Small Cup Geranium White Orange Early-Mid -1 -2 -1
Double Art Design Pale Yellow Pale Yellow to Cream Mid -1
Double Bridal Crown White Yellow-Orange Early -1 -1
Double Delnashaugh White Apricot Late
Double Ice King White Lemon Yellow Mid
Double Obdam Ivory Ivory Late -1
Double Replete White Coral Pink Mid -1
Double Sir Winston Churchill White Yellow-Orange Late -2
Double Tahiti Yellow Red-Orange Mid -1
Double White Lion Ivory Pale Yellow Late -1
Double Yellow Cheerfulness Pale Yellow Soft Orange Late -1
Triandrus Thalia White White Late -1 -1 -1
Cyclamineus Jetfire (Mini) Yellow Orange Early -1 -1 -1
Jonquilla Cosmopolitan* White Pale Yellow to Peach Mid -1 -2 -1
Jonquilla Pueblo* White Pale Yellow Late -1 -2 -1
Jonquilla Sun Disc (Mini)* Cream Yellow Mid-Late -1 -1 -1
Jonquilla Yazz* Cream Yellow to Peach Late -1 -2 -1
Tazetta Avalanche* White Yellow Early-Mid -1 -2 -1
Tazetta Martinette* Yellow Orange Mid -1 -2 -1
Tazetta Minnow (Mini)* White Yellow Mid -1 -1 -1
Poeticus Actaea White Yellow to Red Mid -1 -1
Split Cup Apricot Whirl White Peach-Pink Mid -1
Split Cup Cum Laude White Yellow to Peach Mid
Split Cup Lemon Beauty White Yellow to White Late
Split Cup Love Call White Yellow-Orange Mid
Split Cup Sorbet White Yellow-Orange Mid