‘Mount Everest’ Tall Allium


‘Mount Everest’ Tall Allium

Allium stipitatum Like a giant 6" snowball on a stake. Sturdy stems and long-lasting blooms make them one of the best all-white alliums. A pure white form of ‘Mars’, itself a selection from Allium stipitatum. Pairs well with Purple Sensation.

36–48" tall. Early to Midsummer blooms Z4–8. 18cm/up bulbs.

6423 ‘Mount Everest’ Tall Allium
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Flowering Onions

The large Allium genus is characterized by small six-petaled florets held in umbels—large or small, loose or tight. Sweet-smelling blooms make great fresh cutflowers or dried winter arrangements; only if crushed will they smell like onion. Alliums are deer resistant and prefer full sun and well-drained soil, but can tolerate some shade. Fertilize in early spring to promote leaf and bulb growth. Leaves may die back before or during blooming. All types bloom in late spring to early summer, except where noted.