Dwarf Iris Mix


Dwarf Iris Mix

Iris Four or more mini varieties from I. danfordiae and I. reticulata; a mix of colorful early spring standouts.

3–6" tall. Very Early to Early Spring blooms, Z4-9. 5cm/up bulbs.

6523 Dwarf Iris Mix
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Additional Information

Dwarf Iris

Smaller delights, blooming very early spring, burst into color in the lawn, border or rock garden. Robust and hardy, spreading easily once established. Also good for forcing. Best in full sun or dappled shade with moderately fertile well-drained soil. Short leaves at flowering, later grow to 10-12". Plant 4" deep and 1" apart for maximum color splash.

Interplanting with Dwarf Irises

Dwarf irises bloom very early, around the time of crocuses. It’s surprising how little-known these miniature blooms are! They fit in everywhere. Plant under shade trees and among creeping thyme. Actually, plant them anywhere with well-drained soil. Visitors to your garden will inevitably exclaim, What are those!? when they first encounter these little charmers.


Iris is the name of the Greek goddess of the Rainbow and of this large genus of beautiful flowers in a range of sizes and a rainbow of colors. Growing from bulbs or fleshy rhizomatous roots, irises are superb for cutting and borders. For all iris, “standards” are the three erect petals; “falls” are the three pendent, reflexed or spreading petals. The blaze of contrasting color is the “crest,” “blotch” or “signal.” Most irises prefer sun or dappled shade with moderately fertile well-drained soil. All bulbous irises we stock prefer dry soils when dormant in summer.