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<em>Malus</em> ‘Antonovka’
Malus ‘Antonovka’Ordering closed for the season
225 Hardy Russian seedling rootstock for full-sized “standard” apple trees. The hardiest rootstock we offer. Space trees 20-30' apart. Z3. read more
<em>Malus</em> ‘Budagovsky 118’
Malus ‘Budagovsky 118’Ordering closed for the season
226 Also called Bud 118 or B118. Semi-dwarf rootstock, similar in size to M111 (about 85-90% of standard). Space trees 20-25' apart. Z3. read more
<em>Malus</em> ‘Budagovsky 9’
Malus ‘Budagovsky 9’Ordering closed for the season
229 Dwarfing rootstock, produces a tree about a quarter the size of a standard tree. Space trees 5-10' apart. Z4. read more
<em>Malus</em> ‘Geneva 11’
Malus ‘Geneva 11’Ordering closed for the season
228 Also called G11. Dwarf rootstock produces a tree about a third the size of standard. Space trees 8-10' apart. Z4/5. read more
<em>Malus</em> ‘M111’
Malus ‘M111’Ordering closed for the season
227 Very popular semi-dwarf rootstock produces a tree about 65-80% of standard. Space trees 15-20' apart. Hardy to Z4, maybe Z3. read more


<em>Pyrus</em> ‘OHxF97’
Pyrus ‘OHxF97’Ordering closed for the season
233 Produces a vigorous hardy well-rooted almost-standard-sized tree. Z3/4. read more

Stone Fruits

<em>Prunus americana</em>
Prunus americanaOrdering closed for the season
230 Seedling rootstock for American, Japanese or hybrid plums. Also recommended for grafting peaches. Produces very decent 1" fruit without grafting. Z3. read more
<em>Prunus avium</em> ‘Mazzard’
Prunus avium ‘Mazzard’Ordering closed for the season
231 The rootstock for grafting sweet and pie cherries. Z4/5. read more
<em>Prunus cerasifera</em> ‘Myrobalan’
Prunus cerasifera ‘Myrobalan’Ordering closed for the season
232 Seedling rootstock for European plums. Not recommended for American or hybrid plums. Z3. read more