‘Anna’ Femalecheck back later
430 Actinidia arguta Female. Also called Ananasnaya. Pineapple-like taste. Tangy and sweet. Heavy yields are late to ripen. Requires Meader male for pollination. Z4. read more
‘Arctic Beauty’ Malecheck back later
434 Actinidia kolomikta Fruitless male pollinator for Red Beauty. Will not pollinate argutas. Z3/4. read more
‘Geneva 3’ Femalecheck back later
431 Actinidia arguta Female. Medium-sized bright green fruits with excellent flavor. Very productive and reliably hardy. Requires Meader male for pollination. Z4. read more
‘Meader’ Malecheck back later
432 Actinidia arguta Fruitless male kiwi suitable for pollinating arguta females Anna and Geneva 3. Will not pollinate kolomiktas. Z4. read more
‘Red Beauty’ Femalecheck back later
433 Actinidia kolomikta Female. Fruit is sweet and small, the size of a large grape. Requires Arctic Beauty male for pollination. Z3/4. read more