European Pears

European Pear
BartlettOrdering closed for the season
285 Late Summer. Large greenish-yellow classic obtuse-pyriform pear. Adaptable to many climates and soils. Full reliable annual crops. Z4. read more
Beurre ClairgeauOrdering closed for the season
286 Fall. Richly flavored buttery juicy flesh. Used for cooking and canning. Precocious and productive annual bearer. Z4. read more
BoscOrdering closed for the season
287 Fall. Large dark rich yellow pear covered with cinnamon-brown russet. Distinctive sweet rich spicy and juicy. Z4. read more
Cabot VermontOrdering closed for the season
288 Fall. Medium-large pear with yellowish skin and a slight reddish blush. A superior dessert pear. Highly ornamental tree. Z3/4. read more
Dana HoveyOrdering closed for the season
290 Winter. Small obovate-obtuse-pyriform rich golden-yellow russeted pear. Possibly the best eating of all winter pears. Keeps extremely well. Z4. read more
European Pear
EndicottOrdering closed for the season
292 Fall. Dessert and perry pear. Moderately tasty fresh eating. Originated in MA. Z4/5. read more
GiffardOrdering closed for the season
293 Summer. Very high-quality dessert pear. Medium-sized fruit with soft melting slightly coarse flesh. Extremely hardy. Z3. read more
European Pear
Golden SpiceOrdering closed for the season
294 Fall. Used for making hard pear cider (perry). Fine flesh is tart, astringent, and unusually spicy. Vigorous productive tree. Extremely hardy. Z3. read more
European Pear
GourmetOrdering closed for the season
295 Late Summer. Similar in texture to Asian pears but less watery and has more flavor. Crisp melting flesh. Very hardy annual bearer. Z3. read more
MagnessOrdering closed for the season
297 Late Summer. Rich melting buttery perfumed aromatic flesh. Some call it the best-flavored pear ever! Medium-sized fruit. Excellent fire blight resistance. Z4. read more
PattenOrdering closed for the season
302 Late Summer. The best-quality large hardy pear available. Very good fresh eating with sweet “high flavor.” Good canning. Z3. read more
Pear CollectionOrdering closed for the season
318 Fedco’s choice of 5 different heirloom and modern pear varieties, all individually labeled. No perry pears. Z4. read more
Rogue RedOrdering closed for the season
303 Fall-Winter. Very sweet high-quality dessert pear. Good keeper. Vigorous annual bearer. Resistant to pear scab. Z3/4. read more
European Pear
SeckelOrdering closed for the season
304 Late Summer. Small obovate yellowish-brown russeted pear with slight red blush. Often considered the best-flavored of all pears. Good fresh and cooked. Z4. read more
StacyvilleOrdering closed for the season
306 Late Summer. Delicious citrusy aftertaste. Good fresh and cooked. Precocious, productive, vigorous. Disease resistant. Rare. Z3. read more
European Pear
SummercrispOrdering closed for the season
307 Midsummer. Large obovate acute-pyriform green pear with a red blush. Very sweet dessert and canning pear. Z3. read more
European Pear
UreOrdering closed for the season
310 Late Summer. All-purpose. Juicy sweet distinctively spicy fruit. Texture similar to Asian pears. Fire blight resistant. Z3. read more