White Finch Laceflower - Organic


White Finch Laceflower - Organic

Orlaya grandiflora
(65-70 days) Annual. Though the bird hails from Australia, with this beauty in your garden, you can add white finches to your backyard annual count. The White Finch flower exhibits a dainty delicacy resembling lace-cap hydrangea, with the central florets of a flat-topped cluster surrounded by a ring of larger flowers that might, poetically, resemble the fluttering of birds’ wings. The plant stands tall at 2–3' with ferny foliage and sturdy stems. Deadheading will keep the flowers coming until frost. For long-lasting enjoyment as an airy addition in bouquets, harvest before the pollen starts to shed. When dried, the seed pods can also be arranged to interesting effect. Best direct seeded. Full sun.
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5157 White Finch Laceflower - Organic
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