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Asian Greens

Pac Choi

Pac Choi
3261 Brassica rapa (chinensis group) (45 days) F-1 hybrid. Baby pac choi with green stems, likes cool temperatures but resists bolting. Vase-shaped 11" plants have broad green petioles. read more


Bush Green Beans

Red Tail - Organic not available yet, check back later
241 Phaseolus vulgaris (58 days) Open-pollinated. 5.5" long green bean. Very stress tolerant and high yielding, with good texture and flavor. White seed. read more

Pole Beans

Skunk Bean - ECO not available yet, check back later
364 Phaseolus vulgaris (70 days shell, 90 days dry) Open-pollinated. Black and white bean delicious fresh or dried. Well-adapted to short growing seasons. Plant climbs 7-9' read more

Shell & Dry Beans

Shell & Dry Bean
Quincy Pinto - Organic
367 Phaseolus vulgaris (106 days) Open-pollinated. Large speckled tan beans with good yields, even in stressful conditions. Creamy texture for great comfort food. read more


Green Cabbages

Stonehead not available yet, check back later
3363 Brassica oleracea (capitata group) (68 days) F-1 hybrid. Early 4-6 lb round dense hard heads that resist splitting. Compact plant. read more

Red Cabbages

Red Acre not available yet, check back later
3359 Brassica oleracea (capitata group) (75 days) Open-pollinated. Distinctive violet-rose color. Small to medium 3-5 lb heads can be up to 7" across on a compact plant. read more


3411 Brassica oleracea (botrytis group) (68 days) F-1 hybrid. Stunning lavender-pink florets keep their color when cooked. Tightly wrapped, uniform 7" domed heads. Matures early. read more


Green Cutting Celery not available yet, check back later
3615 Apium graveolens (80 days) Open-pollinated. Often easier to grow than standard celery. Bred for leaf production, its hollow stems can also be used fresh or dried. read more


Children’s Grow Kit Refill not available yet, check back later
5942 The easy-to-grow varieties included in our Children’s Grow Kit for each of a dozen crops (bean, carrot, popcorn, cucumber, sunflower, lettuce,... read more
Maine Seed Collection not available yet, check back later
5941 Transform your garden into Vacationland with varieties that have historical roots in Maine. Contains 6 packets: a dry bush bean (Jacob’s Cattle or... read more


Flour Corn

Montana Morado Maize - Organic not available yet, check back later
685 Zea mays (90 ) Open-pollinated. Dark purple kernels on long thing ears. Fast maturing, highly nutritious. Great for flour. read more


Beit Alpha Cucumbers

Mandy not available yet, check back later
1378 Cucumis sativus (45 days) F-1 hybrid. Best picked at 3-5" Middle Eastern type; cool and refreshing. read more


Corsica not available yet, check back later
3675 Solanum melongena (60 days) F-1 hybrid. Long dark purple Italian “sword”-type,with 2x7" fruits. Compact plant is vigorous and productive. read more
Jessy not available yet, check back later
3683 Solanum melongena (78 days) F-1 hybrid. Elegant, exquisite rounded 3½-5" black fruits. Midnight-toned short-statured plants with medium yields. read more

Flower Seeds


White Alyssum - Organic not available yet, check back later
4822 Lobularia maritima (60 days) Open-pollinated. Similar to Carpet of Snow, but slightly taller. read more


Lime Green Nicotiana not available yet, check back later
5301 Nicotina alata (70-80 days) Open-pollinated. Elegant abundant upward-facing 2" star-shaped light chartreuse flowers upon 3' plants of contrasting green. read more

Sweet Peas

Erewhon not available yet, check back later
5628 Lathyrus odoratus x L. belinensis F-1 hybrid. Pale mauve-pink and deeper-hued lavender-blue wings, grandiflora type, growing to 6', with 3-4 flowers per stem. read more
Kaleidoscope Mix not available yet, check back later
5634 Lathyrus odoratus Open-pollinated. Contains solids, bicolors, reverse bicolors, flakes and stripes in a wide array. Over 5' tall. read more



Yukihikari - ECO not available yet, check back later
4315 Oryza sativa (120 days) Open-pollinated. Short grain light brown rice, can work in Zone 5b in paddies from direct sowing but does best from transplants. read more
Yukimochi - ECO
4311 Oryza sativa
(120 days) A landrace lowland variety from northern Japan, Yukimochi is a pearly white short-grain sweet-sticky rice—think mochi! The... read more


Sirvinta Winter Wheat - Organic not available yet, check back later
4330 Triticum aestivum Open-pollinated. Awnless hard red winter type adapted to moister, forest-based soils. read more


Clary Sage - Organic not available yet, check back later
4669 Salvia sclarea
Biennial to Zone 5. Spectacular showy spikes of large lavender and white flowers in early to midsummer of the second year attract... read more
Fenugreek not available yet, check back later
4569 Trigonella foenum-graecum (30 days leaf, 120 days seed) Open-pollinated. Leaf and seeds are used culinarily, imparting a sweet nutty flavor reminiscent of maple syrup. If not pinched back, the plant will read more
Wild Bergamot - Organic not available yet, check back later
4481 Monarda fistulosa Open-pollinated. 3-4' plants bear aromatic lavender blossoms highly attractive to pollinators. read more
Wild Lettuce - ECO not available yet, check back later
4695 Lactuca virosa (60 days) Open-pollinated. Readily growns as a spring-sown annual.Young leaves are edible, and the plant can be milked for its medicinal latex. read more

Kale and Collards


3445 Brassica oleracea (acephala group) (55 days) F-1 hybrid. Vigorous Vates type with uniform dark-green smooth leaves. Bolt-resistant; fast regrowth after harvest. read more

Rounded Leaf Kale

Madeley - Organic not available yet, check back after - January
3463 Brassica oleracea (acephala group) (60 days) Open-pollinated. English heirloom. Extremely hardy and vigorous. Rounded slightly savoyed leaves are tender even when large. read more


Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce
Capitan - Organic
2842 Latuca sativa (62 ) Open-pollinated. Excellent heat and cold tolerance. 5-oz loose, light green heads with buttery flavor. read more

Romaine Lettuce

Zeb - Organic not available yet, check back later
2869 Latuca sativa (65 days) Open-pollinated. Tall bullet romaine head; well-closed tops make very tight savoyed hearts. Juicy and sweet. Heat tolerant. read more

Other Roots


Lancer - Organic not available yet, check back later
2308 Pastinaca sativa (120 ) Open-pollinated. 10-12" creamy white roots, stores for 5 months. read more


Habanada - Organic
3876 Capsicum annuum (100 days) Open-pollinated. Shiny orange fruits are a bit longer than a habanero but they pull off the look. Bushy short plants bear about 2 dozen sweet—not hot— fruits. read more

Hot Peppers

Hot Pepper
Jalapeño M
3835 Capsicum annuum (73 days green, 93 days red ) Open-pollinated. Hot 1x3" barrel-shaped blunt thick-walled fruits turn a shiny brick red at maturity. read more
Hot Pepper
Red Habanero
3875 Capsicum frutescens (90 days) Open-pollinated. Green to red Scotch Bonnet-type wrinkled pendulous fruit. Blisteringly hot, 200,000-325,000 Scovilles. Needs heat to grow well. read more
Hot Pepper
3842 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Extremely prolific 3-4' plants yield scores of light green fruits that ripen to bright scarlet. 2-3" fruits. read more
Tampiqueño Serrano - Organic unavailable, no supply
3843 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Packs a punch. Mexican pepper popular for sauces ripens through orange to red. Scovilles vary based on weather. read more
Hot Pepper
Trident Ancho/Poblano
3813 Capsicum annuum (64 days green, 80 days red ripe) F-1 hybrid. Uniform glossy dark red fruits are mostly 2-lobed, flattened and tapering with a recessed stem. Known as Poblano when gre read more

Squash - Summer

Yellow Summer Squash

Blonde Beauty not available yet, check back later
1500 Cucurbita pepo (40 days) F-1 hybrid. 5-7" buttery yellow straight-neck squash, 10-15 fruits per plant. Truly spineless petioles. read more

Squash - Winter


Steph Kuri - Organic
1627 Cucurbita maxima (90 ) Open-pollinated. Classic red-orange teardrop Kuri. High yields of balanced sweetness and dryness. read more