Jim Baggett’s Choice Mix Zinnia - Organic


Jim Baggett’s Choice Mix Zinnia - Organic

Zinnia elegans (85-90 days) While we have extolled Jim Baggett’s vegetable breeding efforts in the past and carry several of his peas and a tomato, we had not considered his backyard avocation of breeding zinnias. Now we rectify that oversight. Baggett’s Choice: both chosen by the OSU breeder—and a choice mix. The brilliantly hued large flowers on long stems come in an array of bright colors: oranges, yellows, red, magenta and pink with many petal forms, some cactus types and a few that look like they’re related to Zowie. I can only imagine how Jim’s yard must have looked filled with all this stunning beauty. Now our yards can look likewise.

5720 Jim Baggett’s Choice Mix - Organic
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Jason Kafka says zinnias perform better in tunnels than in the field. With the extra heat they get so big that “they think they are in New Jersey.”

Culture: Sow in a sunny spot after last frost, or start indoors for earlier blooms. They need good drainage and like heat. Cut when flowers are almost fully mature, just before pollen starts to form. Deadhead to continue production.

Germinates 3–5 days at 80–85°, more slowly at cooler temperatures. Grow on at 70° days, 60–65° at night. Temperatures below 60° delay flowering and may induce chlorosis. Space at 9–12".


All flowers are annuals except where noted. All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

Days in parentheses after a variety indicate days to first bloom.