Dara Queen Anne’s Lace - Organic


Dara Queen Anne’s Lace - Organic

Daucus carota
(70 days) A sharp-eyed gardener noticed color variation in Queen Anne’s Lace and selected from there. Though Dara sports the 3–5" lacy umbels typical of the wildflower, it’s the color that crowns this queen—ranging in shades from deep rich purple to dark wine red, soft pinks and an occasional white, with many interesting variations in the color patterning. The 3' plant bearing 7–15 sturdy upright stems makes a regal and long-reigning appearance in the cottage garden while attracting pollinators. Also appreciated in bouquets as a long-lasting filler that provides a lacy softening effect; when cutting for bouquets, wait until the stems have stiffened to avoid a droopy head. Annual. Especially attractive to pollinators.
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5385 Dara - Organic
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