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Bee and Butterfly Pollinators CollectionOrdering temporarily unavailable
5931 Help feed the bees and butterflies and attract pollinators to your garden. Contains 10 packets of different flowers, herbs, and greens. read more
Chicken Scratch ClucktionOrdering temporarily unavailable
5932 A 6-packet collection of quick-growing greens for chickens. Grow a patch to feed them—or yourself! read more
Container Garden CollectionOrdering temporarily unavailable
5933 A selection of varieties that will grow well in small spaces, whether a waist-high growing box, a raised bed, or a window box. Contains 10 packets... read more
Edible Flowers CollectionOrdering temporarily unavailable
5936 A cheerful collection of edible flowers. Grow them to add to salads, vases, or to add color to your garden. Contains 6 packets: our choice of... read more
Freed Seed CollectionOrdering temporarily unavailable
5934 Support the seed commons! 8 packets of OSSI-pledged varieties that includes lettuces, greens, leeks/onions, watermelon, calendula and more. read more
Garden Start-up CollectionOrdering temporarily unavailable
5935 A 7-packet collection of easy-to-grow vegetable, herb and flower varieties for spring through fall harvest. Includes garden tips for beginners. read more
Kids’ Garden CollectionOrdering temporarily unavailable
5937 Fun and playful easy-to-grow varieties to encourage young gardeners. Contains 8 packets of sunflowers, beans, pumpkins, popcorn and more. read more
The Kitchen Herb GardenOrdering temporarily unavailable
5938 A collection of 7 classic culinary herbs: Basil, parsley, cilantro, dill and more. Grow in pots or in the garden. read more
Microgreens CollectionOrdering temporarily unavailable
5939 Grow trays of tasty vibrant greens year round. Contains 8 packets of kale, collards, broccoli, purple basil, cress, arugula, mustard and spinach. read more
Natural Remedies CollectionOrdering temporarily unavailable
5940 Who doesn’t need a little uplift, restoration and calm in these stressful and challenging times? A collection of supportive herbs to provide the... read more