Balena Celeriac - Organic


Balena Celeriac - Organic

Apium graveolens var. rapaceum
(95 days) F-1 hybrid. We had a whale of a time trialing this celeriac, which impressed us two years in a row. Slightly oblong 3–4" roots have nice mild flavor and dense white interiors that resist hollow heart and pithiness. Plants are vigorous and upright with improved bolt tolerance. We know not all that may be coming, but with these great white roots tucked into the root cellar, we’ll go to it laughing. Seed may have an organically certifiable coating. NEW!
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3644 Balena - Organic
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Additional Information

Celery & Celeriac

  • Days to maturity are from date of transplanting, not seeding.
  • About 1925-3000 seeds/g.

Culture: Must be started indoors in early spring, 10–12 weeks before transplant. Minimum germination temperature 40°, optimal range 70–75°, needs fluctuating temperatures. After germination, ambient air temperatures can be reduced but remain above 55° until transplanting. For one week prior to transplanting, go light on watering. Transplant outdoors when daytime temperatures are above 55° and the nights do not dip below 40°. Virginian Pam Dawling suggests that falling apple blossoms are a good phenological sign that transplanting time for these crops has arrived. Young seedlings grow slowly, requiring rich moist soil to survive. Regular rainfall or irrigation is necessary for good growth, flavor and yields. Celery withstands light fall frosts but is killed by serious cold.

Germination Testing

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