Titanium Trimming Scissors


Titanium Trimming Scissors

Everybody‘s got their favorite style of scissors for accomplishing those lengthy delicate trimming jobs efficiently and without strain. We like this pair because it features many of the same ergonomic and precision-oriented qualities as the beloved Chikamasa model B500-SLF, without contributing to the “forever chemical” problems of fluorine coatings (Teflon). Thankfully, these titanium-coated blades also resist sap buildup and corrosion. You‘ll have to clean them eventually, but you can trim for hours without needing to wash them. Rub them down with isopropyl alcohol or soak them in oil between trimming sessions to remove the gunk that does accumulate. Blade length 1.57" and overall tool length 5.88". Manufactured in Taiwan.

9026 Titanium Trimming Scissors

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