Single-Bevel Sharpener for Dummies


Single-Bevel Sharpener for Dummies

Those with a knack for sharpening tools consider it an art and a science, and you couldn’t pry the good old-fashioned sharpening stone from their cold dead fingers. For the rest of us, a sharpening stone is a source of confusion and frustration, our tools becoming duller with each “sharpening” session.

Enter these angled sharpeners, which you simply run over the edge of your tools for a quick and easy like-new edge. Choose this single-bevel sharpener for tools like pruners and hoes, or select the double-bevel sharpener for tools like most kitchen knives.

Tungsten carbide blade and a plastic grip with a full-length finger guard. Overall length 5¼".

9064 Single-Bevel Sharpener for Dummies
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