Folding Grafting Knife Left-Handed


Folding Grafting Knife Left-Handed

To shape a stick of scionwood for grafting, you need a knife that is beveled on only one face so the cut is as flat as possible. We offer “right-handed” and “left-handed” grafting knives—see below to decide which knife will suit your style of grafting.

This left-handed grafting knife has a 2¼" carbon steel blade; 4⅛" fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle with satin finish; overall length: 6.7". Also features a precision bark-lifter tab. Manufactured by Stafor in Italy.

Why is the lefty more expensive than rightie? The righties are manufactured on a much greater scale than lefties.

8990 Folding Grafting Knife Left-Handed
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Choose the right (or left) grafting knife!

Deciding between a “right-handed” or “left-handed” grafting knife is more subtle than simply ordering RH if you’re a righty and LH if you’re a lefty.

You must consider which feels like a more natural slicing motion to you: pulling toward yourself, or pushing away from yourself. If you’re not sure, try practicing with a utility knife.

Fedco’s resident grafting instructor notes that in most cases, pulling toward gives the grafter more knife control than pushing away. On the other hand, your mother said you should never cut toward yourself.

Whether slicing toward or away from yourself, the beveled side should face up and the flat side should face down.

Here’s a simple key to help you decide which knife to get:

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