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Low-growing Alliums

Small Allium Mix
Low-growing Allium
Small Allium MixOrdering closed for the season
6406 Allium A mix of fragrant flowering onions. Three of the shorter types, the yellow Lily Leek Allium moly , the rosy Pink Lily Leek Allium... read more

Tall Alliums

Allium Giants
Tall Allium
Allium GiantsOrdering closed for the season
6416 Allium We hope you enjoy these giants. A mix of varieties in reddish-violet, purple, white, and purple with white highlights. Up to five different... read more


‘The Giant’
‘The Giant’ OG Ordering closed for the season
6102 Colchicum Violet to rosy pink with a white base. 3" petals open nearly flat in bright sun and can fill in to form a cheery mat over time.


... read more


Jumbo Crocus

Jumbo Crocus
‘Pickwick’Ordering closed for the season
6433 Crocus vernus Marble-white petals striped and tinged with lilac-purple veins.

4-6", VE-ES, Z3-8, 8-9cm.

A 2018 Good Deal!

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Species Crocus

‘Cream Beauty’
Species Crocus
‘Cream Beauty’Ordering closed for the season
6424 Crocus chrysanthus Light eggnog cream with a slightly darker base and orange stamens. This beauty is not one of the usual crocus colors, and is... read more
‘Ruby Giant’
Species Crocus
‘Ruby Giant’Ordering closed for the season
6430 Crocus tommasinianus Deep purplish red slender flowers with a lighter base and margins. Pointy petals, 1-2 flowers per corm, and a very... read more


‘Woodstock’Ordering closed for the season
6456 Hyacinthus orientalis Marvelous rich violet-red color with a hint of magenta, like a glistening cut beet. Very full flower and definitely a... read more
Hyacinth mix
Hyacinth mixOrdering closed for the season
6458 Hyacinthus orientalis Fragrant flowers in yellow, pink, blue, purple, red, white and maybe more.

8-12", ES-MS, Z4-8, 15-16cm.

A 2018 Good Deal!

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Bearded Iris

‘Bernice’s Legacy’
‘Bernice’s Legacy’Ordering closed for the season
6119 Iris x germanica Sumptuous velvety rich red-garnet falls really grab your eye, but almost obscure the subtle bronzy-gold beard. Antique rose... read more


Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic Lily
‘Mapira’Ordering closed for the season
6551 Lilium Reddish-maroon petals show a bit more red towards the tips and seem almost black at the center. We’ve been looking to offer another... read more
Asiatic Lilies Mix
Asiatic Lily
Asiatic Lilies MixOrdering closed for the season
6553 Lilium A passel of delightful colors brightens up the early to midsummer garden with this mix of yellows, reds, burnished oranges, whites and... read more

Miscellaneous Bulbs


Grecian Windflower Mix
Grecian Windflower MixOrdering closed for the season
6602 Anemone blanda A mix of shades of blue, pink and white short daisy-like flowers with bright yellow centers. A great ground cover in light shade... read more


Spring Starflower
Spring StarflowerOrdering closed for the season
6619 Ipheion uniflorum Starry 1" flowers, strongly honey scented. Color develops from pale blue to soft violet with darker midribs. Several... read more


Grape Hyacinth
Grape HyacinthOrdering closed for the season
6623 Muscari armeniacum Distinctive spikes of bright cobalt blue florets with subtle white rims, like upside-down grape clusters. Fragrant. The most... read more


Short Narcissus

Short Narcissus
‘Hawera’Ordering closed for the season
6509 Pale lemon-yellow miniature has 5–8 flowers per stem, cup slightly paler than perianth. Dainty pendent flowers have an airy delicate appearance... read more

Tall Narcissus

‘Thalia’ Triandrus
Tall Narcissus
‘Thalia’ TriandrusOrdering closed for the season
6535 Lightly fragrant flowers are milky white throughout; one of the few white narcissus to open with no yellow tones. Delicate narrow slightly... read more

Perennial Plants


‘Autumn Red’
‘Autumn Red’Ordering closed for the season
6108 Hemerocallis Dark mahogany-red 4–5" narrowish flowers, almost like a spider type, with a glistening yellow throat and striking slender... read more
‘Franz Hals’
‘Franz Hals’Ordering closed for the season
6110 Hemerocallis Smart-looking two-tone dusky orange-red inner petals with a yellow mid-rib. In contrast, three outer petals (sepals) are all yellow. ... read more


Early Tulips

‘Purple Prince’ Single
Early Tulip
‘Purple Prince’ SingleOrdering closed for the season
6802 Deep bluish-purple with dusky lilac flames, reddish-purple inside. Large flowers with a scalloped edge. Complex color mixes well with others.

... read more

Late Tulips

‘Menton’ Single Late
Late Tulip
‘Menton’ Single LateOrdering closed for the season
6825 A medium pink with hints of violet and a subtle but distinctive apricot edge. Salmon on the inside with a yellow base. A sport of ‘Renown’ and a... read more
‘Purple Peony’ Double Late
Late Tulip
‘Purple Peony’ Double LateOrdering closed for the season
6835 Saturated royal purple all the way through all petals inside and out. You’ll not find any (real) peonies in this color. Rich full Double Late... read more

Mid-season Tulips

‘Oxford’ Darwin Hybrid
Mid-season Tulip
‘Oxford’ Darwin HybridOrdering closed for the season
6819 Bright scarlet blooms with a purple-red blush on the outside. Rich mustard-yellow base inside is brilliantly contrasted by the black stamens.

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Species Tulips

Tulipa linifolia
Species Tulip
Tulipa linifoliaOrdering closed for the season
6705 Tulipa linifolia Pointy fluorescent scarlet petals on a purple-black base. Cup-shaped flower with petals that open fully in sun, close up at... read more
Tulipa turkestanica
Species Tulip
Tulipa turkestanicaOrdering closed for the season
6710 Tulipa turkestanica One of the earliest tulips to bloom. Graceful pendent flowers, up to 5 per stem, sway along slender stems like wildflowers... read more

Tulip Mixes

Darwin Hybrid Topsize Tulip Mix
Tulip Mix
Darwin Hybrid Topsize Tulip MixOrdering closed for the season
6860 A mix of yellow, red, apricot, white, pink and more. Long-lived bulbs produce a perennially perfect long-lasting bouquet. Darwin Hybrids are often... read more
Double Early Tulip Mix
Tulip Mix
Double Early Tulip MixOrdering closed for the season
6852 A sassy group for the front row of your garden beds and borders. Fully double flowers in bright colors atop relatively short sturdy 8-12" stems... read more