Idared Apple Scionwood


Idared Apple Scionwood

This is a twig for grafting. Winter. Jonathan x Wagener. Idaho Exp Stn, 1942.

A popular all-purpose commercial apple in New England that has a great deal going for it. Delicious for fresh eating, cooks well in pies and sauce, and keeps until late spring. One year on May 20 John pulled one out of the root cellar and it was still firm, tasty and spritely. Medium-large roundish ever-so-slightly ribbed fruit, almost entirely blushed with a solid bright cheerful “1940s red.” Sometimes with a russet patch around the stem. Firm smooth fine-grained juicy pure white flesh is mildly yet decidedly tart, with enough flavor to distinguish it from the more tasteless sweet inventions of recent times.

Productive annual-bearing small to mid-sized tree. Early bloomer. Z4.

858 Idared
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L858A: 8" scionwood stick, 1 for $6.00
L858B: scionwood by the foot (10' minimum), 1 ft for $5.50
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Scions are twigs, not trees. They have no roots and will not grow if you plant them.

The deadline for ordering scionwood is February 16, 2024, for shipment around March 11. (Please note: we ship scionwood only in mid-March. If you would like to order rootstock to arrive in the same shipment, select mid-March shipping when adding the rootstock to your cart.)

We sell scionwood in two ways:

  • By the stick: One 8" stick will graft 3 or 4 trees.
  • By the foot: For orchardists grafting large numbers of trees of a particular variety, we also offer scionwood by the foot (minimum order of 10 feet per variety). In our own nursery work, we are usually able to graft 6-8 trees from one foot of scionwood.

You can graft right away or store scionwood for later use. It will keep quite well for several weeks stored in sealed ziplock bags in the refrigerator.

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