Bosc European Pear


Bosc European Pear

Pyrus communis Fall. Seedling introduced by Van Mons, Lourain, Belgium, 1807. Also called Beurre Bosc.

Long-necked fruit is dark rich yellow covered with cinnamon-brown russet. Distinctive sweet rich spicy buttery flavor. Melting juicy tender white flesh has smooth texture and a pleasing aroma. Somewhat gritty around the core.

Large vigorous upright spreading tree bears huge crops annually. Good pollinator for other varieties. A longtime favorite throughout central Maine. Z4. Maine Grown. (2½-6' bare-root trees)

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European Pears

Although some pears appear to be self-pollinating, we recommend a second variety for pollination. Bloom dates for all varieties are similar. Plant 15–20' apart. For 2024, European Pears and Perry Pears are on OHxF97 or a similar rootstock.

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