Smyrna Quince


Smyrna Quince

Cydonia oblonga 10-25' Brought from Smyrna, Turkey, by Californian GC Roeding, whose father Fred brought the famous Smyrna fig to the U.S.

A small tree with aromatic fruit shaped like a cross between a pear and an apple. Oblong furrowed pear-shaped fruit with golden-yellow skin and mild light yellow flesh. Usually eaten in stews, marmalades and jellies. Sometimes added to hard cider.

Large white to pink flowers. Wood of mature trees becomes impressively gnarled and twisted.This variety was selected for excellent flavor and good keeping quality. Ripens in October in central Maine. Z4/5. (3-6' bare-root trees)

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Not to be confused with Flowering Quince, the ornamental shrub Chaenomeles, which has smaller fruit.

Similar soil requirements to other fruit trees: Plant in full sun, and space 15-20' apart. Prune like an apple tree. Needs protection from apple borers. Fruits may not ripen in the coldest areas.

Self-fruitful but planting more than one will give better yields. Native to Asia.

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