Carolina AllspiceOrdering closed for the season
494 Calycanthus floridus 6-10' x 6-12'. Beautiful native shrub with dark burgundy-maroon flowers and shiny leaves. Blooms early, flowers through summer. Highly fragrant. Z4/5. read more


BayberryOrdering closed for the season
549 Myrica pensylvanica 5-10' x same. Rounded deciduous semi-evergreen very salt-tolerant shrub. Fragrant glossy deep green leaves. Small greyish-blue waxy berries. Tends toward being dioecious. Z2. read more

Beach Plum

Beach PlumOrdering closed for the season
554 Prunus maritima 6' x 5-6'. Rounded dense suckering shrub found along ocean beaches. Showy white blooms in spring. Edible plums in late summer. Plant two for fruit. Z3. read more

Black Haw

Black HawOrdering closed for the season
609 Viburnum prunifolium 12-15' x 8-12'. Rounded shrub with creamy white cymes in early spring. Suckering habit, but can be pruned. Bluish-black edible fruit clusters in fall. Z3. read more

Carolina Silverbells

Carolina SilverbellsOrdering closed for the season
512 Halesia carolina 20-40' x 15-30'. Small tree or large multi-stemmed shrub. Edible flowers and fruit. Beautiful addition to woodland gardens! Native to Appalachia. Z4. read more


‘Brilliantissima’Ordering closed for the season
487 Aronia arbutifolia 6-8' x 3-4'. Upright multi-stemmed form with dense clusters of small white flowers. Abundant persistent bright red fruit. Brilliant fall foliage. Z3/4. read more
‘Viking Black’ ChokeberryOrdering closed for the season
490 Aronia melanocarpa 4-6' x same. Upright vigorous high-yielding shrub produces large dark tasty berries. Z3/4. read more
Black Chokeberry SeedlingOrdering closed for the season
491 Aronia melanocarpa 3-6' x same. Each one is genetically unique. Plant several for an attractive edible hedge. Z3/4. read more
Red Chokeberry SeedlingOrdering closed for the season
488 Aronia arbutifolia 6-10' x 3-6'. Each one is genetically unique. Beautiful in mass plantings and borders. Plant several in a hedge and make the birds happy! Z3/4. read more


AmaszamOrdering closed for the season
524 Malus 25'x18-20'. Single magenta-red flowers. One of the best red flowering crabs! Orange fruits feed birds in fall. Somewhat pyramidal in shape. Z4. read more
BrandywineOrdering closed for the season
525 Malus 20x20'. Incredibly beautiful fragrant flowers. Deep red buds open to small deep pink double rose-like blossoms. Blooms late. Z4. read more
CamelotOrdering closed for the season
526 Malus 10x8'. Single fuchsia-pink blooms tinted white. Ragged open wide-spreading form. Persistent burgundy fruit. Disease resistant. Z4. read more
Crabapple CollectionOrdering closed for the season
545 Malus An assortment of five crabapples chosen by Fedco. Most will be from this year’s catalog but a few rare surprises may be included. Z4. read more
DolgoOrdering closed for the season
527 Malus 25x30'. Classic culinary crab. Apricot-pink buds, large fragrant pure white single flowers. Beautiful fruit makes flavorful ruby-red jelly. Z2. read more
FirebirdOrdering closed for the season
528 Malus 8x10'. Produces a cloud of single white blossoms in spring. Pea-sized red fruits stay firm through March. Compact form perfect for small spaces. Z4. read more
HozamOrdering closed for the season
529 Malus 15x12'. One of the best gold-fruiting crabs! Fruits dangle like ornaments and persist through winter. Fragrant single white flowers. Open rounded form. Z4. read more
Jay DarlingOrdering closed for the season
530 Malus 20' x same. Large single purple-red flowers, crimson-tinged foliage and purple fruit with red flesh. Offspring of Niedzwetzkyana. Z4. read more
LemoineOrdering closed for the season
531 Malus 18x18'. Once popular, now hard to find. Deep red buds open to single or semi-double red-purple flowers. Bronze-purple foliage. Excellent disease resistance. Z3. read more
Orange CrushOrdering closed for the season
532 Malus 15x15'. A profuse display of deep crimson-pink blossoms. Attractive maroon fruits persist. Not very orange, but still bright and lively! Z4/5. read more
Polar BearOrdering closed for the season
533 Malus 20x20'. Rare! Very large double white flowers look like little white roses. Persistent fruit. Z3/4. read more
Purple PrinceOrdering closed for the season
534 Malus 20x20'. Single purple-pink flowers. Purple-bronze foliage. Half-inch blue-purple persistent fruit. Z3. read more
SargentOrdering closed for the season
535 Malus 8-10' x 20-30'. Pink buds and profuse pure-white fragrant single flowers. Very small dark red-purple persistent fruit. Z4. read more
Solon HotelOrdering closed for the season
536 Malus 25x25'. Deep red-pink buds and soft white-pink fragrant blossoms. Heavy bloomer. Looks like a snowstorm when it drops petals in a breeze. Z3/4. read more


‘Bud’s Yellow’ DogwoodOrdering closed for the season
497 Cornus alba 6-8' x 5-6'. Luminescent yellow stems are brightest in winter. Great for winter arrangements. Adaptable to wide range of soil conditions. Z3. read more
Kousa DogwoodOrdering closed for the season
500 Cornus kousa var. chinensis 20-30' x same. Horizontally spreading small tree. Layers of blossoms last up to 6 weeks in early summer. Edible fruit. Colorful fall foliage. Z4. read more
Pagoda DogwoodOrdering closed for the season
498 Cornus alternifolia 20' x 30-35'. Small tree or large multi-stemmed shrub with tiers of horizontal branches and fragrant white 2-3" flower clusters. Z3. read more
Redosier DogwoodOrdering closed for the season
504 Cornus sericea 8-10'. Multi-stemmed spreading shrub excellent for hedges and borders. Red stems admirable in the winter. Valuable native wildlife plant. Z2. read more
Silky DogwoodOrdering closed for the season
499 Cornus amomum 8-12' x same. Large rounded rangy shrub wonderful en masse for windbreaks, erosion control, wildlife habitat. Creamy white cymes in late spring; blue berries midsummer. Z4. read more


‘Adams No. 1’Ordering closed for the season
582 Sambucus canadensis 6-12' x same. Large elderberries and fruit clusters make for easy and fast picking. Very large vigorous strong productive bush. Z3. read more
‘Bob Gordon’Ordering closed for the season
583 Sambucus canadensis 6-8' x same. Large clusters of large dark berries. High Brix level; great for winemaking. Upright, slightly spreading habit. Z4. read more
‘Goodbarn’Ordering closed for the season
584 Sambucus canadensis 5-10' x same. Blooms heavily and produces large elderberry crops annually. Hardy, vigorous with apparent self-fertility. Z3. read more
‘Johns’Ordering closed for the season
585 Sambucus canadensis Up to 10' tall. Very vigorous. We observed one particular specimen grow five feet in one summer! Z3. read more
‘Korsor’Ordering closed for the season
592 Sambucus nigra 6-8' x 2-5'. Bred for heavy fruit clusters and excellent juicing quality. High in immune-boosting anthocyanins. Upright habit, vigorous. Z4/5. read more
‘Mattawamkeag’Ordering closed for the season
586 Sambucus canadensis Fedco intro. Robust elderberry with consistently high fruit yields. Z3. read more
‘Nova’Ordering closed for the season
587 Sambucus canadensis 6-8' x same. Large sweet berries are good for wine, pie and jelly. Matures early and uniformly. Z3. read more
‘Samyl’Ordering closed for the season
594 Sambucus nigra 5-8' x 2-5'. Selected for juice production based on very high anthocyanin content and sweet flavor. Strong upright shoots. Z4/5. read more
‘Wyldewood’Ordering closed for the season
589 Sambucus canadensis 6-12' x same. Vigorous consistently high-yielding elderberry cultivar. Competitive with Adams and ripens a little bit later. Z3. read more
‘York’Ordering closed for the season
590 Sambucus canadensis 4-10' x same. An old reliable elderberry, considered by some to be the largest-fruited and heaviest-bearing cultivar. Rounded shrub. Z3. read more
Elderberry SeedlingOrdering closed for the season
591 Sambucus canadensis 6-12' x same. Each grown from a cold-hardy seed and will be a totally unique plant. Some of our best plants grew from batches of such seedlings. Z3. read more
Red ElderberryOrdering closed for the season
595 Sambucus pubens 12-20' x same. Ornamental elderberry and important wildlife plant. Clusters of scarlet berries leap out from the green summer landscape. Z3. read more


‘Northern Gold’ ForsythiaOrdering closed for the season
511 Forsythia 6-8' x 5-7'. One of the earliest cultivars to flower in spring. Outstanding golden-yellow flowers. Upright form. Hardy and dependable. Z3. read more

Highbush Cranberries

‘Phillips’Ordering closed for the season
610 Viburnum trilobum 8-12' x same. Medicinal multi-stemmed native shrub. Edible berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Selected for superior flavor. Self-pollinating. Native. Z2. read more


Northern Bush HoneysuckleOrdering closed for the season
510 Diervilla lonicera 2-4' x 2-5'. Clusters of yellow tubular flowers attract pollinators. Lustrous green leaves emerge with a hint of bronze. Good for erosion control. Z3. read more


‘White Diamonds’ HydrangeaOrdering closed for the season
514 Hydrangea paniculata 4-6' x 5-6'. Flowers July through October. Somewhat compact. Sought after for fresh and dried arrangements. Attracts butterflies. Z3. read more


‘Regent’ JuneberryOrdering closed for the season
485 Amelanchier alnifolia 4-6' x same. Compact shrub with sweet purple-magenta berries. Z2. read more


‘Charles Joly’Ordering closed for the season
600 Syringa vulgaris 10x10'. Highly fragrant dark reddish-magenta double flowers. One of the best of all red lilacs! Narrow upright habit. Z3. read more
‘Miss Kim’Ordering closed for the season
599 Syringa patula 8x8'. Heavily scented and extremely prolific. Ice-blue lavender blooms appear after vulgaris types have gone by. Red-purple buds. Z3. read more
‘Mme Lemoine’Ordering closed for the season
602 Syringa vulgaris 12x12'. Very fragrant large pure white double flowers in thick clusters. Slightly open wide-growing shrub. Beautiful accent for pinks and purples. Z3. read more
‘Sensation’Ordering closed for the season
603 Syringa vulgaris 10' x same. Very fragrant large single reddish-purple blooms, with each petal edged in pure white. Unique and beautiful! Upright rounded open form. Z3. read more
‘Wedgwood Blue’Ordering closed for the season
604 Syringa vulgaris 6x8'. Wisteria-like racemes of blue blossoms. Named for the blue color in English pottery. Showy and fragrant. Upright form. Z3. read more
Common PurpleOrdering closed for the season
601 Syringa vulgaris 12-15' x same. A mass of medium-light purple blooms. A magnificent New England sight for nearly 400 years. The best lilac for a spreading hedge. Z2. read more


‘Breda Giant’ MedlarOrdering closed for the season
546 Mespilus germanica 12-20' x same. Cinnamon-flavored pear-like 2" fruit; a culinary delight. Ripen for several weeks after picking. Great roasted and makes good jelly and paste. Z4/5. read more


‘Blizzard’ MockorangeOrdering closed for the season
550 Philadelphus lewisii 4-5' x 3-4' Medium-sized loosely arching ornamental blooming shrub. A “blizzard” of sweet citrusy fragrance from white blossoms in late spring. Z3. read more


‘Illinois Everbearing’ MulberryOrdering closed for the season
547 Morus alba x M. rubra 30x20'. One of the most renowned mulberry varieties. Self-fruitful grafted cultivar, so only one plant required for fruit. Z4/5. read more


NannyberryOrdering closed for the season
608 Viburnum lentago 15-20' x 10-12'. Large shrub with edible blue-black berries. Large clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers. Plant multiples for good pollination. Z2. read more


‘Center Glow’ NinebarkOrdering closed for the season
552 Physocarpus opulifolius 8-10' x same. An eye-catching pollinator plant with multicolored foliage. Leaves turn burgundy as they mature. Upright rounded habit. Native to eastern U.S. Z3. read more

Osage Orange

Osage OrangeOrdering closed for the season
518 Maclura pomifera 35-60' x same. Long-lived native shade tree. Strong orange rot-resistant wood. Great for fences or hedges. Strange grapefruit-sized fruits inedible for humans. Seed collected in Maine. Z4. read more


‘Aromatnaya’Ordering closed for the season
506 Cydonia oblonga Hardy Russian quince bred for disease resistance. For jellies and cider, stews and marmalades. Citrusy, fragrant with an orangey-pink hue. Z4/5. read more
‘Smyrna’Ordering closed for the season
507 Cydonia oblonga Oblong furrowed pear-shaped fruit with golden-yellow skin and mild light yellow flesh. Pink flowers. Good keeper. Ripens late summer to early fall. Z4/5. read more


RedbudOrdering closed for the season
495 Cercis canadensis 25-30' x same. Small vase-shaped ornamental tree. Clusters of brilliant edible purplish-pink pea-like flowers fill the entire tree in spring. Z4/5. read more


‘Cardinal de Richelieu’Ordering closed for the season
565 Rosa gallica 2-3' x 3-4'. Highly fragrant dark purple-burgundy double 3" blooms in midsummer. Can be dried whole. Rugged and easy to grow. Z3/4. read more
‘Champlain’Ordering closed for the season
570 Rosa 3x3'. Compact bushy shrub-type everblooming rose. Semi-double lightly fragrant velvety red flowers. Prolific blooms all season. Z4. read more
‘Charles de Mills’Ordering closed for the season
571 Rosa gallica 5x5'. Classic old garden rose with large deep pink strongly aromatic flowers. Jaw-dropping beauty! Petals hold on in bouquets. Robust, hardy, easy to grow. Z4. read more
‘Dart’s Dash’Ordering closed for the season
569 Rosa rugosa 4-5' x same. R. rugosa hybrid. Semi-double very large 3-4" magenta flowers with lemony scent. Blooms all summer and into fall. Large orange-red edible hips. Z2. read more
‘Harison’s Yellow’Ordering closed for the season
567 Rosa pimpinellifolia 6'. Classic deep yellow rose. Licorice-scented double flowers. Z4. read more
‘Mme Plantier’Ordering closed for the season
561 Rosa alba 5-6' x same. Classic alba variety with clusters of white fragrant highly double 2–3" blossoms, sometimes with more than 200 petals per flower! Z4. read more
‘Plena’ Cinnamon RoseOrdering closed for the season
562 Rosa cinnamomea 4-6' x same. Ruffled pink blossoms with a mildly spicy sweet fragrance. Vigorously suckering, low growing. Highly adaptable. Rare. Z4. read more
‘Tuscany’Ordering closed for the season
566 Rosa gallica 3-4' x same. In cultivation since the 14th c. Fragrant deep crimson double flowers. Strikingly dark and aromatic. Z4. read more
Chinook SunriseOrdering closed for the season
559 Rosa 4-6' x same. Exquisitely multicolored! Apricot buds open to coral-pink blossoms that lighten to create a kaleidoscope of shades. Low maintenance. Z3. read more
Queen of DenmarkOrdering closed for the season
560 Rosa 4-5' x same. One of the oldest and most beautiful of the antique shrub roses. Highly fragrant medium-pink very double quartered blossoms. Z3. read more
Rosa RugosaOrdering closed for the season
568 Rosa rugosa 4-6' x same. Vigorous spreading shrub with dark green wrinkled leaves, deep pink to white flowers, and large edible red hips. Needs little care. Z2. read more


Allegheny ServiceberryOrdering closed for the season
486 Amelanchier laevis 15-25'. Leaves of this understory tree unfold purplish-orange bronzed color in spring. Pendulous white blossoms. Berries ripen midsummer. Z2. read more


American SmoketreeOrdering closed for the season
505 Cotinus obovatus 20-30' x same. Rare and exquisite. Colorful, eye-catching foliage! Fuzzy pink “hairs” give tree a smoky misty quality. Z4. read more


SpicebushOrdering closed for the season
517 Lindera benzoin 6-12' x 8-12'. Large rounded multi-stemmed fragrant native shrub suited to moist or wet areas. Soft-yellow flowers. Glossy red edible berries. Z5. read more


SteeplebushOrdering closed for the season
598 Spiraea tomentosa 2-4' x same. Adorable little plant. Rosy pink steeples emerge as terminal spikes about 4–6" tall. Easy to grow. A must for every butterfly garden. Z3. read more


‘Ruby Spice’ SummersweetOrdering closed for the season
496 Clethra alnifolia 4-5' x same. Red buds and beautiful spires of heavenly scented deep-pink flowers appear for 6 weeks in midsummer. Erect oval habit. Native. Z3. read more

Wild Raisin

Northern Wild RaisinOrdering closed for the season
607 Viburnum cassinoides 5-6' x same. Dense suckering native shrub. White flowers from spring to early summer. Edible black fruit. Plant more than one for fruit. Z3. read more


Black Pussy WillowOrdering closed for the season
577 Salix gracilistyla ‘Melanostachys’ 6-10' x same. Very attractive fast-growing plant with deep purple-black male catkins in early spring. Stems turn rich purple-black in winter. Z4. read more
Coral Bark WillowOrdering closed for the season
576 Salix alba ‘Britzenzis’ 15-30' x 12-15'. Fast-growing shrubby willow with highly ornamental “coral” red bark. Especially beautiful in the winter landscape. Z2. read more
Mt. Aso Japanese Pink Pussy WillowOrdering closed for the season
578 Salix gracilistyla 6x6'. Pink buds, cheery rosy pink catkins make a stunning early spring display of color. Excellent in cut flower arrangements. Z4. read more


‘Afterglow’Ordering closed for the season
515 Ilex verticillata 3-6' x 3-5'. Female. Early bloomer with large orange-red fruit. Compact form. Requires Jim Dandy for pollination. Z4. read more
‘Jim Dandy’Ordering closed for the season
516 Ilex verticillata 3-6' x 4-5'. Male selection to pollinate Afterglow. One male will pollinate several females. Z4. read more

Witch Hazel

Witch HazelOrdering closed for the season
513 Hamamelis virginiana 8-20' x same. Small fall-flowering tree or large shrub. Brilliant golden-yellow fall color. Quirky yellow flowers in early to mid November. Z3. read more