Carolina Allspice
457 Calycanthus floridus 6-10' x 6-12'. Beautiful native shrub with dark burgundy-maroon flowers and shiny leaves. Blooms early, flowers through summer. Highly fragrant. Z4/5. read more


Dwarf Flowering Almond
510 Prunus glandulosa ‘Rosea Plena’ 5-6' x 3-4'. A spring spectacle of pink double flowers. Branches are nearly covered with the impressive blooms ranging all shades of pink. Native to China and Japan. Z4. read more


508 Myrica pensylvanica 5-10' x same. Rounded deciduous semi-evergreen very salt-tolerant shrub. Fragrant glossy deep green leaves. Small greyish-blue waxy berries. Tends toward being dioecious. Z2. read more

Beach Plum

Beach Plum
511 Prunus maritima 6' x 5-6'. Rounded dense suckering shrub found along ocean beaches. Showy white blooms in spring. Edible plums in late summer. Plant two for fruit. Z3. read more

Black Haw

Black Haw sold out
568 Viburnum prunifolium 12-15' x 8-12'. Rounded shrub with creamy white cymes in early spring. Suckering habit, but can be pruned. Bluish-black edible fruit clusters in fall. Z3. read more


458 Cephalanthus occidentalis 6-10' x 8'. Loose rounded branchy shrub with masses of ornamental blooms that appear 4–6 weeks in summer. Attracts pollinators. Z4. read more


450 Aronia arbutifolia 6-8' x 3-4'. Upright multi-stemmed form with dense clusters of small white flowers. Abundant persistent bright red fruit. Brilliant fall foliage. Z3/4. read more
‘Viking Black’ Chokeberry
453 Aronia melanocarpa 4-6' x same. Upright vigorous high-yielding shrub produces large dark tasty berries. Z3/4. read more
Black Chokeberry Seedling
454 Aronia melanocarpa 3-6' x same. Each one is genetically unique. Plant several for an attractive edible hedge. Z3/4. read more
McKenzie Black Chokeberry sold out
452 Aronia melanocarpa 5-10' x same. Cultivar selected for use in windbreaks and wildlife conservation plantings. Fruits abundantly. Medicinal and edible. Z3. read more
Red Chokeberry Seedling
451 Aronia arbutifolia 6-10' x 3-6'. Each one is genetically unique. Beautiful in mass plantings and borders. Plant several in a hedge and make the birds happy! Z3/4. read more

Cornelian Cherries

Cornelian Cherry
463 Cornus mas 20-25' x 15-20'. Selected for good fresh-eating flavor. 1¼" fruit has slender elongated shape. Begins ripening late August in Maine. Z4/5. read more
‘Pioneer’ sold out for orders received after 12/11/21
464 Cornus mas 20-25' x 15-20'. More tart than Elegant but better for processing. 1½" long fruit with pronounced fat pear shape. Firm flesh is easy to pit. Z4/5. read more
Cornelian Cherry
Cornelian Cherry Seedling
465 Cornus mas 20-25' x 15-20'. Bright red pear-shaped edible fruit. Each seedling will be unique. Will pollinate each other and any named cornelian cherry cultivar. Z4/5. read more


‘Brandywine’ sold out for orders received after 12/14/21
488 Malus 20x20'. Incredibly beautiful fragrant flowers. Deep red buds open to small deep pink double rose-like blossoms. Blooms late. Z4. read more
‘Dolgo’ sold out for orders received after 12/16/21
489 Malus 25x30'. Classic culinary crab. Apricot-pink buds, large fragrant pure white single flowers. Beautiful fruit makes flavorful ruby-red jelly. Z2. read more
‘Golden Hornet’ sold out for orders received after 11/13/21
490 Malus 15' x same. Pale pink buds open to single white flowers. Plentiful yellow fruits persist into late fall and make great jelly. Royal Horticultural Society award winner in 1961. Z4. read more
‘Klehm’s Improved Bechtel’ sold out for orders received after 12/10/21
492 Malus 20x20'. Large beautiful double rose-like blossoms. You will be charmed into oblivion. A bowlful of the fragrant green fruit will scent the house for a week. One of the last to bloom each spring. Z4. read more
493 Malus 15x15'. Rose-colored buds open to cheerful single true pink fragrant flowers. Weeping form. Branches arch slightly and then hang loosely to the ground and sway in the breeze. Disease resistant. Z4. read more
‘Lullaby’ sold out
494 Malus 8x12'. Red buds open to large single white blossoms. We don’t offer many weepers and are excited to have this one in the lineup. Best planted as a single specimen. Extremely disease resistant. Z read more
‘Madonna’ sold out for orders received after 12/09/21
495 Malus 18-20' x 15-20'. One of the best rose types. Masses of blooms appear early, open slowly and remain longer than most other varieties. Highly fragrant. Yellowish-red fruits persist till spring. Z4. read more
‘Sinai Sunset’ sold out for orders received after 1/4/22
498 Malus 15x12'. Large single pinkish-purply-red flowers with gold anthers resemble the setting sun. Stunning! Dark red ½" persistent fruit. Reddish-green foliage. Open horizontal tree habit. Z4. read more
Crabapple Collection collections no longer available for ordering
504 An assortment of five crabapples chosen by Fedco. Most will be from this year’s catalog but a few rare surprises may be included. Z4. read more
Sargent, Mt. Auburn strain
497 Malus 8-10' x 20-30'. Pink buds and profuse pure-white fragrant single flowers. Very small dark red-purple persistent fruit. Z4. read more


Kousa Dogwood
462 Cornus kousa var. chinensis 20-30' x same. Horizontally spreading small tree. Layers of blossoms last up to 6 weeks in early summer. Edible fruit. Colorful fall foliage. Z4. read more
Pagoda Dogwood sold out
461 Cornus alternifolia 20' x 30-35'. Small tree or large multi-stemmed shrub with tiers of horizontal branches and fragrant white 2-3" flower clusters. Z3. read more
Redosier Dogwood
466 Cornus sericea 8-10'. Multi-stemmed spreading shrub excellent for hedges and borders. Red stems admirable in the winter. Valuable native wildlife plant. Z2. read more
Roundleaf Dogwood
484 Cornus rugosa 6-10'. Rare native shrub or small tree found in woodland understories, forest edges and riparian floodplains in North Eastern and Central U.S. Great for shade gardens, steep slopes and hedges. Z4. read more
Silky Dogwood
483 Cornus amomum 8-12' x same. Large rounded long-limbed shrub. Effective for erosion control, wildlife or pollinator habitat. Maroon bark visible in winter. Suckers and spreads. Native to eastern U.S. Z4. read more


‘Adams No. 1’
541 Sambucus canadensis 6-12' x same. Large elderberries and fruit clusters make for easy and fast picking. Very large vigorous strong productive bush. Z3. read more
‘Bob Gordon’
542 Sambucus canadensis 6-8' x same. Large clusters of large dark berries. High Brix level; great for winemaking. Upright, slightly spreading habit. Z4. read more
543 Sambucus canadensis 5-10' x same. Blooms heavily and produces large elderberry crops annually. Hardy, vigorous with apparent self-fertility. Z3. read more
544 Sambucus canadensis Up to 10' tall. Very vigorous. We observed one particular specimen grow five feet in one summer! Z3. read more
551 Sambucus nigra 6-8' x 2-5'. Bred for heavy fruit clusters and excellent juicing quality. High in immune-boosting anthocyanins. Upright habit, vigorous. Z4/5. read more
‘Marge’ sold out
552 Sambucus nigra 4-6' x 4-5'. Heavy-yielding nigra with extreme vigor, hardiness and pest resistance. Upright and non-suckering. Z4. read more
546 Sambucus canadensis 6-8' x same. Large sweet berries are good for wine, pie and jelly. Matures early and uniformly. Z3. read more
553 Sambucus nigra 5-8' x 2-5'. Selected for juice production based on very high anthocyanin content and sweet flavor. Strong upright shoots. Z4/5. read more
547 Sambucus canadensis 8-12' x same. High-yielding cultivar popular with market growers in Canada. Selected for high levels of sugar. Berries are on the small side. Showing serious vigor in our trials. Z4. read more
548 Sambucus canadensis 6-12' x same. Vigorous consistently high-yielding elderberry cultivar. Competitive with Adams and ripens a little bit later. Z3. read more
549 Sambucus canadensis 4-10' x same. An old reliable elderberry, considered by some to be the largest-fruited and heaviest-bearing cultivar. Rounded shrub. Z3. read more
Elderberry Seedling
550 Sambucus canadensis 6-12' x same. Each grown from a cold-hardy seed and will be a totally unique plant. Some of our best plants grew from batches of such seedlings. Z3. read more


‘Northern Gold’ Forsythia
475 Forsythia 6-8' x 5-7'. One of the earliest cultivars to flower in spring. Outstanding golden-yellow flowers. Upright form. Hardy and dependable. Z3. read more


Northern Bush Honeysuckle
474 Diervilla lonicera 2-4' x 2-5'. Clusters of yellow tubular flowers attract pollinators. Lustrous green leaves emerge with a hint of bronze. Good for erosion control. Z3. read more


‘Michigan’ Black Huckleberry
476 Gaylussacia baccata 1-3' x 2-4'. Cousin of the blueberry. Less acidic, more mildly sweet flavor. Flowers in June, fruits in August. Full sun to part shade but fruits best in sun. Native to eastern U.S. and Canada. Z3/4. read more


478 Hydrangea paniculata 8-12' x 7-10'. One of the hardiest hydrangea species. Elegant blooms July-September. Blooms on current season's growth. Full sun to partial shade. Easy to grow. Z3. read more


‘Regent’ Juneberry
448 Amelanchier alnifolia 4-6' x same. Compact shrub with sweet purple-magenta berries. Z2. read more


‘Donald Wyman’ crop failure, out of stock to all orders
557 Syringa x prestoniae 8-10' x same. Uniquely spicy-scented deep pinkish-red buds open to single pink flowers. Blooms later than other lilacs. Upright dense form with few or no suckers. Z3. read more
‘Miss Canada’
558 Syringa x tribrida 6-9' x same. Masses of dark reddish-pink buds open to lovely fragrant single deep pink blossoms after most other lilacs have faded. Plant as a specimen rather than in a hedge. Z3. read more
‘President Grevy’ crop failure, out of stock to all orders
561 Syringa vulgaris 12-15' x 12'. Lavender-pink buds, fragrant double light violet blue-tinted flowers. Not as blue as President Lincoln but still very nice. Hardy. Z3. read more
‘Yankee Doodle’ sold out for orders received after 12/13/21
562 Syringa vulgaris 8x8'. Among the deepest and darkest purple flowers of all lilacs. One of the best in cultivation. Large clusters of very fragrant large single florets. Provides stunning contrast with others. Z3. read more
Common Purple
560 Syringa vulgaris 12-15' x same. A mass of medium-light purple blooms. A magnificent New England sight for nearly 400 years. The best lilac for a spreading hedge. Z3. read more
Common White Lilac
559 Syringa vulgaris alba 12-15' x 8-12'. One of only two types you see growing where the old homesteads once stood. May be the oldest loveliest purest white of them all. Gets the job done without messing around. Z2. read more


Mountain Maple sold out for orders received after 12/08/21
447 Acer spicatum 10-20' x 10-15'. Small bushy understory tree with a presence across the state of Maine. Can form dense thickets, often multi-trunked and good at erosion control on slopes. Adaptable. Native. Z3. read more


485 Spiraea alba var. latifolia 3-6' x same. Thicket-forming, mound-shaped, woody native shrub with tiny, fragrant, white flowers. Great for pollinator gardens and natural landscaping. Z3. read more


Breda Giant Medlar sold out
505 Mespilus germanica 12-20' x same. Cinnamon-flavored pear-like 2" fruit; a culinary delight. Ripen for several weeks after picking. Great roasted and makes good jelly and paste. Z4/5. read more


‘Blizzard’ Mockorange
509 Philadelphus lewisii 4-5' x 3-4' Medium-sized loosely arching ornamental blooming shrub. A “blizzard” of sweet citrusy fragrance from white blossoms in late spring. Z3. read more


‘Illinois Everbearing’ Mulberry sold out for orders received after 10/3/21
507 Morus alba x M. rubra 30x20'. One of the most renowned mulberry varieties. Self-fruitful grafted cultivar, so only one plant required for fruit. Z4/5. read more

Nanking Cherries

Nanking Cherry
512 Prunus tomentosa 6-10' x same. Broad dense highly ornamental fruiting shrub blooms early. Excellent hedge and edible landscape plant. Plant two or more for pollination. Z2. read more


566 Viburnum lentago 15-20' x 10-12'. Large shrub with edible blue-black berries. Large clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers. Plant multiples for good pollination. Z2. read more


‘Aromatnaya’ sold out for orders received after 10/11/21
469 Cydonia oblonga Hardy Russian quince bred for disease resistance. For jellies and cider, stews and marmalades. Citrusy, fragrant with an orangey-pink hue. Z4/5. read more
‘Smyrna’ sold out for orders received after 12/03/21
470 Cydonia oblonga Oblong furrowed pear-shaped fruit with golden-yellow skin and mild light yellow flesh. Pink flowers. Good keeper. Ripens late summer to early fall. Z4/5. read more


Redbud sold out
459 Cercis canadensis 25-30' x same. Small vase-shaped ornamental tree. Clusters of brilliant edible purplish-pink pea-like flowers fill the entire tree in spring. Z4/5. read more


‘Canadian Shield’
518 4-5' x 3-4'. This deep scarlet-red rose has northern rose lovers talking! Mildly fragrant double blooms. 2017 Canada Blooms’ Plant of the Year. Z3. read more
‘Chinook Sunrise’ sold out for orders received after 1/4/22
521 Rosa 4-6' x same. Exquisitely multicolored! Apricot buds open to coral-pink blossoms that lighten to create a kaleidoscope of shades. Low maintenance. Z3. read more
‘Chloris’ sold out for orders received after 12/21/21
517 6-8' x 4-6'. Thornless fragrant pale blush-pink double flowers. One of the hardiest thornless roses. Grown for essential oil in Bulgaria, used in France’s perfume industry. Z4. read more
‘Grootendorst Supreme’
522 3-4' x same. Small lightly fragrant red blooms are fringed like carnations. Very unusual and attractive with a long bloom season, often going until frost. Upright arching yet compact form. Z3. read more
‘Harison’s Yellow’
523 6'. Classic deep yellow rose. Licorice-scented double flowers. Z4. read more
526 Rosa rugosa 5-6' x same. Old-fashioned straight rugosa rose. Sweetly scented very large single deep pink flowers and huge orange-red hips. Great for the edible landscape. Disease resistant. Z3. read more
527 Rosa 3x3'. Faint lilac-purple blooms are practically white. Semi-double, recurrent and fragrant. Red hips. Tough, low-growing, salt-tolerant and can handle partial shade. Disease resistant. Z3. read more
‘Sir Thomas Lipton’
528 5-8' x 4-7'. Fragrant pure white double blooms. Vigorous upright canes. Offers repeat blooms, probably more so in warmer regions. Shows good disease resistance even in humid climates. Z3. read more
‘Thérèse Bugnet’
529 6x4'. Vigorous upright fountain-shaped rugosa hybrid. Extremely fragrant large ruffled lilac-pink double flowers. Blooms prolifically in late spring and repeatedly into fall. Disease resistant. Z3. read more
530 5-6' x same. Double lilac-lavender-rosy blooms are fragrant, lush and prolific. A standout! Very cold-hardy rounded vigorous shrub will readily sucker. Tolerates partial shade. Z2. read more
Rosa rugosa
525 4-6' x same. Vigorous spreading shrub with dark green wrinkled leaves, deep pink to white flowers, and large edible red hips. Needs little care. Z2. read more
Cardinal de Richelieu
519 Rosa gallica 2-3' x 3-4'. Highly fragrant dark purple-burgundy double 3" blooms in midsummer. Can be dried whole. Less thorny than other roses. Rugged and easy to grow. Z3/4. read more
Carolina Rose low stock
520 Rosa carolina 2-4' x 5-10'. Single light pink 5-petaled flowers emerge May-June. Small red hips in fall. Found along streams, roads and open woods throughout New England. Full sun to partial shade. Native. Z2. read more
Henry Kelsey
524 Rosa 6-7' x same. One of the best climbing or long-caned varieties for colder climates. Vivid velvety deep red-pink semi-double 3" blooms with brilliant golden stamens. Z3. read more


Allegheny Serviceberry sold out for orders received after 11/14/21
449 Amelanchier laevis 15-25'. Leaves of this understory tree unfold purplish-orange bronzed color in spring. Pendulous white blossoms. Berries ripen midsummer. Z2. read more


‘Royal Purple’ Smokebush low stock
467 Cotinus coggygria 8-10' x same. A remarkable shrub with velvety dark purple foliage and amazing purplish-pink inflorescences that look like large smoke puffs on top of the branches. Adaptable. Z4. read more


American Smoketree sold out for orders received after 1/4/22
468 Cotinus obovatus 20-30' x same. Rare and exquisite. Colorful, eye-catching foliage! Fuzzy pink “hairs” give tree a smoky misty quality. Z4. read more


Spicebush sold out for orders received after 12/14/21
481 Lindera benzoin 6-12' x 8-12'. Large rounded multi-stemmed fragrant native shrub suited to moist or wet areas. Soft-yellow flowers. Glossy red edible berries. Z5. read more


Steeplebush sold out
556 Spiraea tomentosa 2-4' x same. Adorable little plant. Rosy pink steeples emerge as terminal spikes about 4–6" tall. Easy to grow. A must for every butterfly garden. Z3. read more


Fragrant Sumac
513 Rhus aromatica 5-6' x 6-8'. Leaves emit a pleasing aroma when crushed. Phenomenal fall colors. Adaptable and easy to transplant. Useful in erosion control. Native to eastern U.S. Z3. read more


‘Ruby Spice’ Summersweet
460 Clethra alnifolia 4-5' x same. Red buds and beautiful spires of heavenly scented deep-pink flowers appear for 6 weeks in midsummer. Erect oval habit. Native. Z3. read more

Wild Raisin

Northern Wild Raisin sold out for orders received after 1/4/22
565 Viburnum cassinoides 5-6' x same. Dense suckering native shrub. White flowers from spring to early summer. Edible black fruit. Plant more than one for fruit. Z3. read more


Black Pussy Willow
538 Salix gracilistyla ‘Melanostachys’ 6-10' x same. Very attractive fast-growing plant with deep purple-black male catkins in early spring. Stems turn rich purple-black in winter. Z4. read more
Blue Leaf Arctic Willow
540 Salix purpurea ‘Nana’ 3-5' x 3-6'. Medium-sized spreading shrub with small narrow blue leaves and delicate thin long stems. Excellent bank or hedge plant. Attractive ornamental. Z3. read more
Coral Bark Willow
537 Salix alba ‘Britzenzis’ 15-30' x 12-15'. Fast-growing shrubby willow with highly ornamental “coral” red bark. Especially beautiful in the winter landscape. Z2. read more
Mt. Aso Japanese Pink Pussy Willow sold out
539 Salix gracilistyla 6x6'. Pink buds, cheery rosy pink catkins make a stunning early spring display of color. Excellent in cut flower arrangements. Z4. read more


‘Southern Gentleman’
480 Ilex verticilata 6x6'. Male selection to pollinate Winter Red. One male will pollinate several females. Z4. read more
‘Winter Red’ low stock
479 Ilex verticilata 8x7'. Female. Bright red berries stand out through the winter. Berries are larger and more prolific than wild seedlings. Southern Gentleman male required for fruit. Z4. read more

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel
477 Hamamelis virginiana 8-20' x same. Small fall-flowering tree or large shrub. Brilliant golden-yellow fall color. Quirky yellow flowers in early to mid November. Z3. read more