‘Polareis’ Rose


‘Polareis’ Rose

Rosa 4-7' x 6-7' R. rugosa plena Regal x Abelzieds. Rieksta, Latvia, 1963. Also known as Kamtschatka and Polar Ice.

An older rugosa hybrid purportedly from the Leningrad Botanical Garden in the 1960s. The late Suzanne Verrier grew this rose on her North Creek Farm in Maine: “Clusters of creamy-white double blossoms blushed pink cascade cover [sic] this impressive shrub. It’s a showstopper and very much admired in our gardens.” Dense mounding form with hardy thorns. Very fragrant repeat bloomer makes an excellent hedge. Z3. (9–18" bare-root plants)

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Plant crowns 4–6' apart, in a large well-fertilized hole, in an area with at least 4–6 hrs of sun per day.

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