Fergie Saskatoon


Fergie Saskatoon

Amelanchier stolonifera 3-5' x same. Also called Running Serviceberry.

Low-growing sprawling (stoloniferous) shrub bears medium-small very flavorful berries—perfect combo of sweet and tangy. The fruits are smaller and more spartan on the main stem than others but make up for quantity with quality. This really nifty little plant would do well in a rock garden or native plant hedge or thicket. Not inclined to sucker. Flowers a bit later and ripens slightly behind other cultivars. Z4. Maine Grown. (1-3' shrubs)

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Additional Information

Saskatoons (Amelanchier spp.)

Considered to be self-fruitful but we recommend planting with other Amelanchiers to ensure pollination.

We’re excited to be expanding our selection of saskatoon cultivars this year. We’ve always admired our native Amelanchiers in the wilds of Maine where they grow along stream edges and rocky slopes. Recently we’re learning more about saskatoons farmed commercially for fruit in Canada, much like how we grow highbush blueberries. In Canada there are saskatoon festivals, and even a baseball team called the Saskatoon Berries! For a taller tree species of Amelanchier, see Allegheny Serviceberry

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