Bedan Cider Apple

Fall. Mild bittersweet cider apple from Normandy or Brittany in northwestern France, dating as early as the 14th century.

Usually classified as a “sweet.” Slight bitterness. (18 Brix, 1.075 SG) Medium-small, roundish, mostly oblate, rosy-red blushed, with a russet splash around the stem.

The name may be a contraction of bec d’ane meaning ‘snout of the donkey,’ or a cabinetmaker’s chisel. Perhaps Bedan is related to the English cider apple Chisel Jersey. Maybe “chisel” refers to the apple’s sweet juice that cuts through the acidity, fermenting into a beautiful Normandy-style cider. There is some confusion around the names Bedan and Bedan des Parts. Both are old varieties from northern France. In the U.S. the names may be used interchangeably, but this one is most likely Bedan.

Scionwood provided by Eric Shatt of Redbyrd Cider in Trumansburg, NY. Blooms medium-late season. On trial in Zone 4, but probably Z5-8. Maine Grown. (3-6' bare-root trees)

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All apple trees require a second variety for pollination.

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