Adams No. 1 Elderberry


Adams No. 1 Elderberry

Sambucus canadensis 6-12' x same. NY Ag Exp Stn intro, 1926. Selected in 1915 from the wild by William Adams in Union Springs, NY, and sent to Geneva where it was introduced 11 years later.

Large berries and fruit clusters make for easy and fast picking. If you’re heading to a potluck and need to make a pie in a pinch, Adams is the shrub you want. Dangling clusters of edible purple-black berries ripen in late summer on this broad vigorous multi-stemmed shrub.

Very large vigorous strong productive bush. Z3. Maine Grown. (1-3' bare-root plants)

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Considered self-fertile but multiple plants will improve fruit set—it’s okay to mix species.

Plant 4–6' apart. Best in rich soil but adaptable to a variety of soil types. In spring, while plant is still dormant, prune away any weak, broken or dead canes.

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