Yellow Birch


Yellow Birch

Betula allegheniensis 60-75' x 40-50' Also called Betula lutea.

The deep golden-yellow exfoliating bark glows and dazzles with a satiny sheen. Yellow birch can grow to be a grand old tree that bursts through the forest canopy, though they’re often modest understory trees snuggling themselves into shady niches.

Valuable timber for veneer, furniture and flooring. Traditionally used for sled runners and toboggans. John has several hand planes made of this very hard dense wood. The 700-year-old canoe found in Maine in 2018 was made from a single birch log. The twigs make a wonderful tasty pink-colored tea.

Rusty yellow fall foliage. Wide-branching rounded form in the open; irregular in the woods. Shade-tolerant. Adaptable but prefers moist rich well-drained acid soil. The Maine state champ (once the national champ) lives in Deer Isle: 16.6' circumference and 48' tall with a 91' crown spread. Native to eastern North America. Z3. Maine Grown. (2-4' bare-root trees)

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