South Dakota Hybrid Plum


South Dakota Hybrid Plum

Late Summer. SD 27. Prunus americana. U Minn/SD Ag Exp Stn, 1949.

Small-to-medium fruit has firm yellow skin with bright red blush. Medium-firm yellow flesh is meaty, juicy, sweet. Excellent fresh-eating quality. Fully freestone.

Because of its very long flowering period and American pedigree, we recommend South Dakota as a pollinator for all hybrid plums. In our orchard, it’s still blooming when the other plums have dropped their flowers. Also ripens after the other hybrids are done.

Developed by NE Hansen before 1907. One of Hansen’s students took it to the breeding program at the University of Minnesota where it was later introduced. Vigorous tree. Z3. Maine Grown. (3-6' bare-root trees)

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Additional Information

Hybrid Plums

Hybrid plums require a second variety for pollination. The North American native plum Prunus americana is a particularly good pollinator for hybrid plums. Your plum trees can be planted close to form a thicket, or spaced 15–20' in an orchard setting.

At maturity, hybrid plums are roughly 15–20' tall.

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