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Dwarf Sour Cherries

Dwarf Sour Cherry
‘Carmine Jewel’ Dwarf Sour Cherry
553 Prunus kerrasis About 6-7' x same. Delicious dark purple fruits with small pits ripen in early July. Compact plant size keeps fruit within reach. Self-pollinating. Rare. Z3. read more


Almond Agaricus
655 Agaricus subrufescens Ships on our regular schedule, between about March 30 and April 23. Aroma and flavor reminiscent of almonds. read more

Perennial Plants


‘Bocking 14’ Russian Comfrey - Organic
L744 Symphytum x uplandicum 24–48" tall. Great companion plant for orchards. Excellent addition to the compost pile. Rich in silica, nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. Z3. read more


‘Little Grapette’
L705 Hemerocallis 18" tall. A small and mighty miniature grape-purple daylily. High bud count. One of our favorites for the front of the daylily border. Z2. read more


‘Little Patty’s Plum’
L731 Papaver orientale 20" tall. Dusky damson-plum-colored shimmering crepe-paper blossoms. Seedpods are good in arrangements. Z3. read more

Small Trees and Shrubs

Beach Plum

Beach Plum
554 Prunus maritima 6' x 5-6'. Rounded dense suckering shrub found along ocean beaches. Showy white blooms in spring. Edible plums in late summer. Plant two for fruit. Z3. read more


590 Sambucus canadensis 4-10' x same. An old reliable elderberry, considered by some to be the largest-fruited and heaviest-bearing cultivar. Rounded shrub. Z3. read more