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Asian Pears

Asian Pear
HosuiOrdering closed for the season
265 Late Summer. Large long-stemmed fruit fruit with medium-thick skin. Crisp juicy fresh eating. Stores one month. Z5. read more
Asian Pear
NijisseikiOrdering closed for the season
266 Late Summer-Fall. Medium-large Asian pear has mild-flavored crisp juicy medium-sugar high-acid white flesh. Stores up to 6 months. Z5/6. read more
Asian Pear
ShinkoOrdering closed for the season
267 Fall. Medium-large lumpy round brownish russeted Asian pear. Crisp juicy yellow flesh. Stores up to three months. Z5. read more
Asian Pear
ShinseikiOrdering closed for the season
268 Late Summer. Medium-sized Asian pear, with little to no russeting. White crisp flesh. Stores up to three months. Z5. read more
Asian Pear
ShinsuiOrdering closed for the season
269 Summer. Medium-sized crisp juicy fine-textured very sweet Asian pear. Not as firm as others. Keeps about 6 weeks. Z5/6. read more
Asian Pear
YoinashiOrdering closed for the season
270 Fall. Large Asian pear with fine-textured off-white crisp juicy aromatic sweet flesh. Z5. read more