Savannah Sunset Tall Bearded Iris


Savannah Sunset Tall Bearded Iris

Iris germanica 36" tall.

Eye-catching sunny orange standards and falls with tangerine beards, gorgeous ruffles, and strong sturdy stalks that won’t pass out when the wind picks up! Bearded irises are a hardy perennial and make a fine cutflower with multiple 3–6" blooms on each flower stalk. Strong sword-shaped foliage. “Beards” are soft hairs protruding up from the crest of each fall, often in contrasting colors.

Blooming begins in the first real heat of late May or early June. Expect 3 weeks of blooms once these beauties are fully established. Z4. (bare-root crowns)

709 Savannah Sunset Tall Bearded Iris
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Additional Information

Tall Bearded Iris

Plant rhizomes horizontally, less than 1" deep, in clusters with new growth facing outward. Prefers full sun and light limey well-drained soil. May take a year to establish before blooming. Vigorous plants, so give them room to spread. Clumps need dividing every 4–5 years.

Herbaceous Perennial Plants

When you receive your order, open the bags and check the stock immediately. Roots and crowns should be firm and pliable. Surface mold is harmless and will not affect the plant’s future performance. Store plants in their packaging in a cool (35–40°) location until you are ready to plant. If it’s going to be awhile, you can pot up your perennials.

Do not plant bare-root perennial plant crowns directly outdoors before danger of frost has passed. Wet and/or cold conditions for an extended period may cause rotting.

For more info:
About planting bare-root perennials