Paper Birch


Paper Birch

Betula papyrifera 30-70' x 30' Also called Canoe Birch or White Birch.

The classic birch tree. Elegant as a single- or multi-stemmed specimen. Medium-sized tree with an irregular oval shape, upright angled branches and magnificent chalk-white peeling bark.

Deep green foliage produces light shade in summer and turns clear yellow in fall. Birds prize the catkins, buds and seeds. Twigs are a favorite deer browse.

Bark traditionally used for building canoes, containers and roofing. When traveling in the north country, keep a small bundle of finely shredded bark in your pocket to kindle the nightly fire. Valuable wood at the sawmill. Twiggy branches, stuck into the ground, are perfect for pea fencing.

Prefers moist well-drained acid soil though we’ve seen it thrive on ledge. Native to northern North America. Z3. Maine Grown. (2-4' bare-root trees)

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