Mara des Bois Everbearing Strawberry


Mara des Bois Everbearing Strawberry

Fragaria x ananassa (Gento x Osara) x (Red Gauntlet x Korona) Hybridized by Jacques Marionett, Soings-en-Sologne, France, 1991.

Everbearing strawberry claimed to be the most flavorful and fragrant of the day neutrals, often referred to as “gourmet.” Berries are high in methyl anthranilate, the volatile compound that gives them their strong fragrance. Commercially grown in France where they are sold at a premium. Shorter shelf life makes them better suited for local markets. Plants bear medium-small glossy red berries prolifically from summer into fall the first year. Second year bears a heavy spring crop with continuously ripening berries throughout the summer. Z4. (virus-free bare-root crowns)

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Strawberries are self-pollinating.

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