Eastern White Pine


Eastern White Pine

Pinus strobus 100' or more. The largest northeastern conifer.

Magnificent and massive when mature. Smooth greyish-green bark becomes thick, rough and deeply furrowed with age.

A cup of pine needle tea has more vitamin C than a cup of orange juice; Native Americans showed early white explorers how to brew it and stave off scurvy. The resin has numerous practical and medicinal applications.

Excellent wood with a thousand uses. When grown in abandoned fields, “wolf pines” develop huge curving branches. Grown in the forest it will typically be “clear” (no lateral branches) for the first 30-80'. Planted thickly and sheared, it makes a beautiful hedge that won’t drop its lower branches.

Likes ordinary to poor—even sandy—soil. Shade tolerant, but does not like salt or roadsides. Fast growing. Native to eastern U.S. Z3. Maine Grown. (12-18" bare-root transplants)

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Evergreens tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, but prefer a pH between 5.5–6.5.
Young conifers need ¾–1" of rain per week. Periodic deep waterings are far more beneficial than frequent sprinklings. No fertilization is necessary in the first year.

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