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Come to Fedco's 2013
Fall Bulb & Plant Sale!

How to Get to Fedco Bulbs & Trees Warehouse at 213 Hinckley Road in Clinton, Maine

Take I-95 exit 138, Hinckley Road, go west 1/8 mile, turn right into the first driveway, Fedco Bulbs and Trees are in the big blue building set back from the road.

map to fedco

Our expanded Fall Bulb & Plant Sale is Friday, October 11, both for preorder customers picking up orders and the general public to shop. Our warehouses will be open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. In addition to Surplus Flowerbulbs we'll have an assortment of
• Trees

• Fruiting Plants
• Woody Shrubs
• Potted Plants
Herbs & Perennials
• and other plants not offered in the Fedco Trees catalog
John Bunker will be on hand to identify apples and sign books

See below for more details


Potted Plants at the Sale (partial listing)
Various Plants:
Fall Blooming Native Plants:
Apples Asters (New England, Heart-leaved)
Azaleas Goldenrods (Elm-leaved, Showy, Stiff, others)
Bog Rosemary Lobelia syphilitica
Butterfly Bushes Pink turtlehead
Carpathian Walnuts Rudbeckia fulgida
Cornelian Cherry Seedlings Rudbeckia laciniata
Daylilies White Snakeroot (Agertina)
Elderberries …some of these will be past bloom by the 11th
Plants Past Bloom:
Hibiscus Amsonia
Hostas Anemone canadensis
Hydrangeas Creeping Phlox (subulata)
Irises (Japanese and Siberian) Helenium
Korean Mountain Ash Helianthus mollis
Maples Liatris spicata
Mint Monarda fistulosa
Perennial Sweet Pea Native Iris (versicolor, prismatica)
Purple Smokebush Rhubarb
Red Passion Flowers
Spireas Catmint
Viburnums Comfrey
Weigela Feverfew
Winterberries Garlic Chives
Wisteria Lemon Balm
Yucca Lovage
Native Plants:
Aronia Catnip
Buttonbush …and more
Highbush Blueberry Not Far From The Tree Books
Highbush Cranberry Out On A Limb T-shirts
Juneberries John Bunker will be on hand to identify apples and sign books
Witch Hazel  

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Main Line (207) 426-9900

Catalog Request Line (207) 426-0090

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