Welcome to Fedco’s 37th annual tree order.

Our goal is to provide the hardiest and healthiest plants available for cold climates, while supporting plant diversity, small-scale local agriculture, and a fair, cooperative and responsible workplace. Our no-frills operation helps keep plants affordable. Consider ordering in a group with co-workers, friends or neighbors to further minimize your costs. Please note our discount structure for large orders, and our our discount deadline, both found in the side bar at the left.

This year’s final ordering deadline is March 5.

The 2020 tree season was a rugged one, but we made it! Thank you for ordering with us and for your flexibility while we had to rearrange operations on the fly. A special thank you to those who donated to cover others’ unplanned shipping fees when we could not hold a pickup sale. You all are great!

Heading into 2021, change is afoot. For one, we’re expecting public gathering restrictions to remain in place through spring 2021, so in planning for the worst and hoping for the best: We are not setting dates for an early May tree sale. If anything changes between now and then, we’ll plaster our website with updates. We fully intend to resume the Tree Sale in future years once it’s safe to do so. We love it as much as you do.

Due to a need for space and to restrict public interactions at this time, we are discontinuing our pickup order option. Actually, this was coming even before Covid. We have run out of space for safely storing pickup bags as our tree crops have increased and our building square footage has not. Curbside pickup is not logical in our model, so we are going to ship all orders. We are not raising shipping prices this year, however, even as our carriers increase their rates. For Maine residents, we have a new flat-rate shipping fee of only $10 per order. We hope this makes it feasible for you to receive your trees!

“& so to tenderness I add my action.” —Aracelis Girmay

We and everything around us need renewal from time to time. For some this might mean rehabilitating a garden lot or mending a torn object. Others might retreat to a quiet place with candles or birdsong. For many, renewal is grasping a few minutes of sleep amidst disruption and terror. We grab it where we can. We offer more when we can. But where do we begin when nothing is enough? Try planting a tree, making it your neighbor and being kind to it. Pay attention and learn from it. Share its fruit and shade. We can let this be practice toward tending relationships with all our neighbors.

Regenerative agriculture, restoration ecology, and restorative justice offer other steps toward renewing broken bonds and inequities within plant and human communities.

As usual, we have varied our plant selections. We offer most of the old favorites every year and rotate through dozens of new offerings. You’ll find new fruit trees, ornamentals and perennials throughout the catalog. If you have questions or concerns about your order, please contact us. If you are looking to place a very large order, drop us a line to discuss the options. We’re here to help. If you haven’t already, check out our Seeds, Organic Growers Supplies, Potatoes, and Bulbs portions of our website. If you enjoy this one, we’re pretty sure you’ll like those, too. Consider becoming a member of our cooperative. We invite you to share your experiences growing plants with us. Many of our selections result from your suggestions. If you know of something growing near you that we should be offering, please write to us. We welcome your comments and may even include some of them in the pages of our print catalog. Keep ’em coming!

–Jen Ries & the Fedco Trees Team