‘Lucifer’Ordering closed for the season
L769 Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 24-36" tall. Midsummer sprays of bright red flowers open from bottom to top on long arching bronze stems above gladiolus-like foliage. read more


Rustic Sunset MixOrdering closed for the season
L770 Dahlia 36-46" tall. Breathtaking blossoms! Colors range from deep plum purple, dark burgundy, bronzy orange, rustic red, luminous coral and dusky antique pink. read more


Blue Moon MixOrdering closed for the season
L771 Gladiolus 36" tall. Brilliant blue-violet color combinations for your cutflower fantasies. read more
Large-Flowering Glad MixOrdering closed for the season
L773 Gladiolus 36" tall. A mercurial mix of colors, stripes, stipples, bicolors, tricolors, and everything else under the sun—what fun! read more
Purple Patchwork MixOrdering closed for the season
L772 Gladiolus 36" tall. A rambunctious combination of bicolors and solids in a wide range of purple shades and variations. read more